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A Whole New World

Over the last 48 hours I have done a few things that I really must start incorporating back into my daily life.

1. I went shopping at BJ’s Wholesale. My dad was nice enough to come with me and allowed me to go on an all out Core food bulk buying spree. I really must continue to make the trip to BJ’s. You see back in the day when I was in college I was all about going buying in bulk. I even have an office grade water cooler that I purchased at BJ’s. I would buy the water jugs and just use them instead of using something like a Brita which is what I currently have and quite honestly consider very disgusting. The sole reason I still use the Brita is that however disgusting it is, it still tastes (and smells) better than the nasty stuff that comes out of the faucet. So while at BJ’s today I loaded up on about 5 lbs worth of frozen broccoli, 2 industrial size bags of lettuce, large bag of apples, gigantic bag of protein, canned tomatoes, club pack of gum, 12 pack of Greek Yogurt, 8 pack of tuna fish, and some other good stuff. The price tag was kind of large but it should last me a pretty long while. I am hopeful that I can continue to make the drive over to BJ’s as it will help out with the monthly grocery bill.

2. Clean my darn apartment. I had a great time with my dad at the mall and at BJ’s, we even had dinner at Wegman’s tonight too. Once I got back to my apartment my OCD kicked into overdrive and I began cleaning my whole apartment and even doing a load of laundry. Something I NEVER do! Mainly because I hate using the community washer and dryer but tonight was a code red in terms of clothing. I had no clean underwear other than the two pairs I just bought at Gap, but more importantly I had no clean cycling or running apparel. I had even re-used one bib I wore for a recovery ride earlier in the week, which was extremely gross. So I bit the bullet and did a load of laundry in the apartment washer and dryer. It isn’t the ideal situation but it is what it is. In addition to the laundry I got the dishes into the dishwasher, began sorting out all the clothes that have been covering my bedroom floor, actually put water in the humidifier, organized my bike stuff…it feels so much better in my apartment now.

3. Hanging out with Cousin and his GF and playing scrabble with them. I kicked there butts too, which was nice. But I must say that the week before I they beat me pretty bad. In all seriousness I really enjoy scrabble and am going to take every opportunity that I can to play it. It was really nice to hang out with them, joke around, and just chill. Something I need to work into my day more often. So many times I will hermit up and just go to bed or stare at my computer screen. Sure the sleep is really important, but sometimes being alone to much just really puts me in a crabby mood. And no one likes a crabby Turbeau.

4. Went to an afternoon showing of 127 hours with my friends Kim and Travis.

5. Harping back on the fact that I need to socialize more. I stayed up past 10pm! I even stayed up past 12am…crazy huh!

6. I slept in past 8AM! This is a direct correlation of #5. But one that I should try doing more often when I have the chance. Just to switch things up…throw the body off a bit just to let it know I still can control it.

7. I reinvigorated my love for my bike. On Saturday morning I went down to Geneva Bike and got an updated fit on my bike. We ended up dropping the front end down as low as it can go to put me in a more aggressive position with a flatter back, which will hopefully translate to a greater power transfer and ultimately a faster bike split. I got my fit done before the first of the year so I can fully utilize the next 4 months to really dial in the new fit and make sure I am uber comfortable on it before I start racing again in the Spring.

Here, take a look at how the Green Lantern looks. Even with its ugly training shoes on it still looks pretty smoking in my humble opinion.


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