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Foiled Once Again

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Old Mother Nature and Jack Frost came up short once again. I went to bed nice and early in my warm and cozy bed with dreams of Rochester being shut down due to arctic conditions. Alas, the snow did not fall in the quantity expected and the roads are reasonable navigable.

It was a struggle for me to get out of bed this morning due to this knowledge that was provided to me with one quick glance out the window. I even spent an extra 1.5 hours in bed this morning. Weird, because I went to bed at 8pm. I guess I just needed the sleep. Over the last year I have learned that 95% of the time its better to stay in bed if your tired and you have the extra time (i.e. your not running late for work). So I slept until 6 and then road my bike for about an hour this morning. I have a short run and some lifting left on the schedule today but I am feeling pretty confident that I will be able to get this done tonight. I just have to take care of a few big projects at work first.

Any comments giving me encouragement to not fall asleep or get tired at work are very welcome. It’s so darn hard to come home from work when its pitch black out and go back out for another workout.

This little worker bee is headed to the office once again. Another day of working towards hopefully another turn in the road.

One foot in front of the other.



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  1. Haha Matt.. yesterday I left work at 7:15 am, was in bed by 8 am, and woke up at 5:30 pm. it was dark out and I was so confused! sometimes.. you just need to sleep 🙂


    • I really think the US Government should have the power to create 2 random holidays during the year. Out of the blue the US should just go on holiday on these days and everyone would get a surprise sleep in day, or spend it however they see fit.


  2. Dont worry, you’ll get in the groove of the new schedule. Be thankful that is all you have to do, and you dont have to chase little Curbeau’s around, then get that run in when they finally go to bed. Take advantage of this time! I hope you have a wonderful snowy Tuesday!


  3. I’m pumped that you all are leaving comments! I’m glad that people have kept up with the blog’s move to this new site. Thanks!..and tell your friends…the upcoming blog are going to be good!


  4. Same here – I usually get up at 4 a.m. and try to be at the gym by 6. But I really need to discipline myself these days, because I wake up knowing it’s freezing and dark. But still, it’s that post-workout feeling that motivates me – I’m addicted to it 🙂 Nonetheless, winter is taking its toll- I fell asleep in the afternoon twice this week (while sitting in my chair behind the desk doing college work 😀


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