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Good Morning and Happy Hump Day

The middle of the week is here.  It is all down hill after lunch today.  I only have a few short minutes as I am heading to the pool this morning.  Yet again old man winter kind of came up short.  It looks like the snow storm that we were supposed to keep getting didn’t really hit all that hard.  Still a decent amount of snow, but just not the snowed in feeling…at least in my opinion.

This morning I have actually read slides that I am presenting at my office today.  I am presenting on the wildly exciting topic of HSA plans, should be a good one!  If you are dying to know more about your Health Savings Account Options and Form 8889 just let me know and I’d be more than happy to tell you.  Right…..


Alright then, off to the pool then to work.  Maybe I’ll have some time later today to spruce this blog up as its pretty lame at the moment.



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