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And the word of the week is “Blah”

Is it just me or is this week really mundane.  It just seems like it won’t get on with it.  Maybe its just me but I can’t get my but in gear.  For instance today I thought I was on track to have a bright and cheerful day with lots of energy packed in it.  Everything was going great all the way up until my ride into work from the pool this morning.  BAM!  My left eye won’t stay open, my contact felt like it was on fire and there was a strange sensation that someone was poking a needle into my eyeball.  I managed to drive through the traffic one-eyed and make it into work.  Once their I had to figure out if I could get myself ready to give a presentation to the staff that I was scheduled for.  Luckily I have a nice manager and she told me that I looked like I needed to quit taking drugs before I come into work.  Anyways, the only real option I had was to get the contacts out and make my way back to my apartment to go get my glasses, and thats what I did.  I ran home and got my glasses and proceeded on with the day.  Even when I was just wearing the glasses my eye still really hurt bad..its not pink eye..I really don’t know what it is.  I am thinking maybe I scratched it or really just irritated the heck out of it because even with glasses on and no contacts in my left eye has been blurry all day.  Hopefully a good nights sleep will lend to some healing action going on.

Anyway, nothing else to exciting happened today.  I went to the gym tonight and lifted some weights but I don’t know I guess I just wasn’t as into it tonight as usual.  Guess that means I need some extra sleep time!  On that note I am going to finish my delicious and nutritious broccoli and hit the sack.


Talk to you in the morning.



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  1. Ah, you are normal! We aren’t ever going to feel super excited about every single training session, that’s life!!! Don’t forget next week we have max adaptation phase-o-rama……


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