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Happy Festivus…for the rest of us!

It’s December 23rd everyone, and you know what that means!  Its time for Festivus, the nondenominational holiday that involves a metal pole.  So prepare to air your grievances and perform your feats of strength.

As celebrators of Festivus can tell you, Festivus only comes to an end when the head of the family is wrestled to the floor.  So have a great day, let those around your know that they are annoying you, do as many push ups as you can, and don’t let the fun stop until someone hits the floor!

Celebrated on December 23, the nondenominational holiday involves a metal pole (instead of a Christmas tree). Instead of exchanging gifts, participants are encouraged to air their grievances. After that come the feats of strength (push-ups, for example). The party continues until the head of the family is wrestled to the floor.



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