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Fireside Chats with Turbeau – Ask me anything! DO IT!

I have seen a lot of people open up their blogs for people to ask them questions about anything and everything.  Since my blog post ideas are few and far between these days I wanted to follow the trend and see if you all had any questions for me.  You can ask me anything…anything at all.  Just post the questions (remember little children could be reading this so please refrain from the obsene and keep it at least PG-13) the questions to the comments section of this post or if you want a little more privacy email them to me at  PLEASE NO SPAM or else I will hunt you down and make your life very very unpleasant.

Ok, that’s it for now.  Who is going to ask me the first question?? I can’t wait to respond!!!

Sample Questions?

Turbeau, what do you eat in the morning?

Turbeau, what do you eat for lunch?

Turbeau, what is your favorite color?

Turbeau, have you ever had a pet?

Turbeau, how often do you change your window washer fluid?

Turbeau, boxers or briefs?

Turbeau, who is your dream date?

Turbeau, where is your favorite place to eat?

Turbeau, what is your favorite thing to do other than swim, bike, and run?

etc..etc…please make them intersting, exciting, and original.



3 thoughts on “Fireside Chats with Turbeau – Ask me anything! DO IT! Leave a comment

  1. Here is my question – how do you stay motivated to exercise? I start out well – then – if I miss a day or 2 it is like starting over. Any suggestions???


    • Thanks for the question Mike! I will accumulate the questions that have been asked to me and write a worthwhile post when I have the time to devote to it…tonight or this weekend!


  2. Same question, Im a 23 yr old Optometry student and just have a problem lately getting on the bike, out the door, or to the pool. lol Damn Winter


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