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Stuff White People Like – December 29,2010

I have stopped everything I am doing at work to post this. I feel I need to because I just had a pretty funny experience.

A co-worker just stopped by my desk and handed me a page from her “Stuff White People Like” 1 thing a day rip off calendar. She gave me the slip of paper dated 12/29/10 and told me that I was the first person she thought about when she read it.



Here’s what it said:

Stuff White People Like:
Gigantic Salads

If you live in an area with a lot of people, there are few more profitable restaurant ideas than one that serves enormous salads. Many times the local sandwich shop will also offer up these giant salads, which should just serve as further proof about the feasibility of the business model.The way to create one of these salads is to accumulate as many types of lettuce as you can, then put some sort of meat on there (sliced steak, chicken, turkey), and charge $10 for it.

Watch the money roll in.

As you can tell they have figured out my eating patterns during lunch…I will say that in my defense I make my salads myself.  1 bag of lettuce = 2.00, 1 can of tuna = 99 cents…my salad is much cheaper 🙂 haha



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  1. Thats funny but so true!! I refuse to buy a salad at a restaurant when I can pick up a can of Chicken, Raisins, Almonds and lettuce up at the store and make 2-3 salads for $5.oo. I go for the good stuff when Im out!! LOL!


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