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Food for thought

As humans we were not meant (built) to lead sedentary lifestyles.  We were created to be hunter/gatherer’s.  Over the past couple hundreds of years the lifestyle that we as humans lead has evolved quite significantly.  When you put it into perspective its quite astonishing actually.  Just 100 years ago we didn’t rely on automobiles, and just 200 years ago we were still using the winds as our primary power source.  (The tables have turned again haven’t they..were all looking for green ways to live, and how to harness natures power via wind turbines and electic powered cars etc..) Anyway, it took humans a very very very long time to evolve into the creature that lived in the Americas in 1776 when our great country was established.  Just think about how long ago the stone age was…when you think about all that has happened over the last approx 250 years its freaking crazy.  I just can’t believe that we as humans have changed that much.  We are people who used to walk..yes WALK across continents.

But the point I am really trying to make is this:  Are you doing enough with yourself?  Are you pushing your body to uncomfortable places?  If not maybe you should think about that.  Humans were made to be able to chase down packs of wild animals, not in one sudden burst or one swift attack..humans were instead created with an engine inside of them which allowed them to keep on the attack for hours if not days at a time.  We are genetically coded to outlast, outsmart, and endure longer than the rest.  Stop wasting your god given talent and start doing something that is epic…my bet is that you will be able to do it if you really give yourself a chance to.



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  1. I read it a while ago..I don’t know why it popped into my head today, I think it was just because I have been sitting at my desk staring at my computer screen for a long time and I really wonder how we went from living off the land, killing and growing our food, punching numbers into an excel sheet to make a salary, and we did it in around 150 years…it took man thousands of years to harness fire, weird…


    • I know.. it’s pretty nuts if you think about it. Sometimes I think life would be WAY less complicated if it were still like that. Although right now instead of being at work I would probably be running away from a sabre tooth tiger, and instead of turning 27 on Wed. I probably would have already died.


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