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yada yada yada…

The weeks seems to roll along very fast this time of year.  In the heat of the moment the longer hours at work seem to drag but then before you know it the week is over and its Sunday again!  Of late the weeks have been going by pretty quick for me since my training hours are starting to ramp up a bit with some longer bike rides over 3 hours happening on a regular basis on the weekends.  Luckily my buddy Don has allowed me to pretty much move in every Saturday and Sunday. Being able to get my rides in at Don’s is a real godsent since its a heck of a lot better to ride in his basement next to another human being with a big screen in front of us then sweating it out along in my stinky apartment. Plus, he lives out in beautiful Mendon Ponds (which if you are not from Rochester is a very large and beautiful park that has plenty of trails, and roads to run on…and deer to look at, its really a beautiful sight on a Saturday or Sunday morning to run through the park and see all the cross country skiers or snow shoers out and abouts, something from catalogue is how I would describe it) so I can get my runs in right after my bikes without having to drive out of the city.  (I don’t much like running in the city, to much stop and go for traffic, plus I have the scenery just doesn’t compare to the park)

So the days are rolling by and so far so good in terms of heath, sleep, and stress.  Workouts are being completed, sleep is being attained, and fitness is being gained. 

I can’t think of to much else to say at the moment but I will let you all know that some sponsorship stuff is in the works and I will let everyone know about it soon! 

Well, its back to work for now along with a long overdue Dentist appointment at 1pm today.  I am pretty nervous about the appointment considering the amount of powergels, powerbar endurance and clif bloks I have consumed over the past 12 months, not to mention my daily coffee habit.  I can only imagine the scolding I am going to receive.



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