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What I’ve been up to.

What’s been going on?

Things: is awesome!

The Hunger Games Trilogy Rocks, I literally can’t put the gosh darn book down.

The Falkee Tri 2011 athletes have been selected.  Check out the website to see athlete profiles, including Turbeau’s! FalkeeTri 2011

I am a bit bummed I can’t race in a local 10K this weekend because I have to work.

I am on a recovery week which is nice.  I’m able to get a little more sleep and read more of the Hunger Games books.  I also plan on taking some of my dress shirts to the cleaner to get them dry cleaned and pressed, however I’ve yet to accomplish this yet…but I really need to.

I had some really good training sessions last weekend.  Did a long run on the treadmill on Saturday which was tougher mentally than physically and then on Sunday my buddy Don and I hammered out 3:40 on the bike at his place and I followed that up with a transition run for 30 minutes.  The 30 minute run went something like this…Minute 1-5, wtf! come on heart rate get up into the zone I’m working hard here, minute 5-15…ok its getting better but I’m still working more than I’d like…minutes 15-30, Holy hell my legs have opened up and I feel as fresh as ever.  I have never felt that good during a run after a longer/hardish bike ride, it was great!!  Then a bunch of the people who Mary coaches came over to Don’s and we had a little baby shower for one of the women on the team, Kim Hase.  Kim has made a couple appearances in my past this one –>

That’s it for now, I will check back in with more later if I have some time!



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  1. I was a little disappointed with the end of the HG trilogy…I waited adn waited for Mockingjay to come out and it took forever and was action packed, but ended with a let down in my eyes. Hopefully you like them!

    Besides….why the hell were you going to race on a rest week!??!? Am I alone in thinking that’s kind of crazy? (although I’ve done it several times before)


      • Im about 1/3 of the way through MockingJay. Katniss has become the Mockingjay and Gale just got his communicuff back. I am guessing the G vs P thing has to do with Gale and Peeta…however I have no clue what your talking about yet. I will report back when I finish.


  2. I’m loving the first one, absolutely tearing through it, we shall see if I can get enough sleep tonight to make it to practice tomorrow morning 🙂 I think I like the book so much because deep down I want to be Arnold Schwarzenegger in Running Man…

    gotta test out on a recovery week..thats when your the most rested! Mid-build taper! hahah


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