Q & A with Turbeau

Here are some questions that I was recently asked.¬† I wanted to share the dialogue with all my you as I think some of it could be useful ūüôā


1) How long have you been a runner?
2) How do you train to run a 5k at a sub 6min/mi?
3) Do you think that being a fast runner is a “Gift” or the product of hard work?


1. Started truly running in September of 2009, everything before that was just running for fun or during football/baseball practices. I would sometimes get on a running kick to counteract the weight lifting sedentary life I led during my jr/sr yrs of college but it was usually just 3 miles at a time, I wish I could remember the times! It’d be fun to compare them now. For comparisons sake the first time I ran over 8 miles was when I did the musselman in 2009. I mean who needs training when your a newb? haha. I ran a 1:54 or something that day, 9+ min miles. I ran 1:30 this fall at syracuse, so a decent improvement over 13 months. We won’t even go into the bike splits, it was ugly!

2. Truthfully I don’t train to run 5ks at all. I crave the longer distance stuff, it lets me catch up to the fast people as the race goes on. (I wasn’t blessed with fast twitch). Speed comes with time. Getting solid training miles in at specific exertions really lends itself to developing an endurance engine. Believe it or not a 5k is an endurance sport when you compare it to a mile in a track competition, so it really becomes how long you can sustain a really high level of exertion. My suggestion is to figure out some good HR zones, (ie recovery, endurance, tempo) for example my recovery is 10+min/mi, endurance is slowing dropping over time but at around 7:30 at the moment) Once in a while test yourself with a 5k or mile repeats, they are not necessary on a multiple time per week basis but maybe once a month to blow out the rust and keep yourself honest.

3. Running is both a gift as well as comes from pure and simple hard work, but hard work triumphs¬†every time in my opinion. As long as your willing to stay consistent and stick with it you will progress. Focus on form! When I started really running, like training on a daily basis I watched craig alexanders form on you tube and just tried to mimic it as best I could. Some people are going to have better core rotation, or better cadence, etc..but the fact of the matter is that you can go to any 5k, 10k, 13.1 or 26.2 and see some really FAST people with horrible looking form. That just goes to show you that if you stick with something long enough and put enough effort into it you will get fast and you will have fun! However, here’s where you can take advantage of their “errors” watch good runners and really work on your form, nail that down first and it will pay huge dividends later. And as always take the easy days easy and the hard days hard…if you get caught training in the middle too much you will never allow yourself to recover enough to see substantial gains.
Ironman Run Analysis with Craig Alexander and Chris Lieto

For more on run mechanics, check out Coach Jesse Kropelnicki’s video which uses Caitlin Snow and Marinda Carfrae as examples. ¬†Both of these women ran sub 3:00 hour marathons of the bike in Kona this year. ¬†That’s fast!


Hope this was helpful! ¬†I’ve had my scoop of protein, banana, and a dab of crunchy peanut butter with coffee this mornings, time to get a light recovery workout in before work.

As always, keep it real!


…and the beat goes on

So I owe you guys some posts and this is the week that I can make it up to you all. ¬†Sleeping in until 7:15 in the morning is like a little gift from the heavens above. ¬†I’ve been up for about 20 minutes so far and have made myself some coffee, blended a delicious smoothie consisting of a banana, cup of strawberries, scoop of protein, couple spoons of greek yogurt, and a dash of glutamine to aid in the recovery of my limbs from this weekend, and now I am just relaxing before I begin my assault on the day. ¬†Once I take a step into the bathroom for my shower the day really begins. ¬†I’l have to shower, shave, put on a dress shirt, find a tie that matches (or at least kind of matches, I am color blind so it makes things difficult. ¬†I tend to stick to solid bold colors as they make it easier for me to not look like a complete clown at work).

Well the first thing that comes to my mind about this recovery week is that I should set some goals:

1.  If work allows, I will be in my bed at 8:30 or before each night.

2.  No surfing the web or watching Netflix after I get home from work, that just ends up keeping me up later than I need to be.

3.  Procure a reading lamp for my bedroom. (The light that is in the ceiling fan of my room blew yesterday, I have no idea how to change it because its like screwed into the fan with actual screws.  Well let me rephrase that, I have no motivation to do home repair on it.  So instead I am going to get what I have been wanting for a while instead, which is a good reading lamp that will sit right next to my bed.

4.  Eat perfectly!  Shake in the morning, apple and protein for a snack, big salad with fruit at lunch, yogurt and fruit for pm snack, vegetables and meat for dinner, protein before bed.  Easy peasy.

5.  Take my fish oil and iron supplements to keep that recovery process stoked!

I am at work now so I must get down to business.¬† Spring is coming though..even if it doesn’t look like it outside today ūüôā

I’m back!

It’s been it little bit since I posted last. ¬†Tax season has picked up a bit I’ve been in my third training block of the year. ¬†Training hours picked up over the last last training block but nothing to crazy. ¬†Sometimes its hard to get all the sleep that my body craves but I do my best to sleep as much as possible. ¬†I strive to be in bed by 9pm every night and sometimes 7:30 or 8 if I can get out of work in time.

This upcoming week is a recovery week which means that tomorrow I have an off day and will get to sleep in until 7am!  I am very very excited.

Well thats the skinny on that. ¬†Now let me tell you what I’ve been up to lately. ¬†I’ve been watching a lot of Weeds Episodes, a lot of Dexter episodes, and still loving brussels sprouts. ¬†Ha! ¬†But seriously, I procured a Netflix subscription last week and I have since been devouring all kinds of videos and tv shows while I ride my bike. ¬†I would like to personally thank Netflix for singlehandedly getting me through the winter on my trainer. With that said I must say that I am uber-envious of Pat Wheeler and his QT2 group who have a spot where they can Time Trial each weekend. ¬†We really need to get something started in Rochester like that! ¬†If only I had some disposable capital…..any takers? ¬†I could get the place up and running in no time ūüôā

What else…Oh yeah! ¬†I received my tax refund early last week! ¬†Mid-Febuary and I already got the government to fork over some money. ¬†It’s like a bonus from work, so nice to have a little money to dump in the savings account for once.

And in the racing world I finally was able to jump into my first official race of 2011. ¬†It was a small 5k out in Mendon Ponds Park this morning. ¬†I went into the race feeling pretty good of where I was at. ¬†I got a good nights sleep since I was able to sleep in until 7:30am. ¬†The race was at 10am so that gave me plenty of time to go to Dunkin for some coffee, eat my breakfast, check the internet, and then head on over to the park to get warmed up. ¬†Since this was my first 5k since I have begun training with my coach (ie I haven’t run a flat out 5k in about a year and a half) I actually had a warm up routine planned (15 minutes with 3 x 30 second pickups to get the legs warm and HR up). ¬†As I was warming up I was kind of like sh*@! ¬†Running fast might hurt a little bit today. ¬†Well anyways, I jogged on back to the start area, popped a powergel, and got ready to spike the HR. ¬†Right from the start I jumped out in front of everyone and started cranking along, the first section of the run was downhill so I hit about a quarter of a mile at around 5:15 pace..which was way to fast but I knew I had a decent little climb coming up so I pulled back a bit and chugged along. ¬†This race was pretty small, not sure on the numbers maybe 50-60 so I was alone for the whole race and I must say it was pretty cool to have the pace car in front of you the whole time. ¬†At one mile out there was a turn around (I hate turnarounds!, a whole 180 degree turn does nothing but give you blisters and totally stop your momentum) and a turn around that went from downhill one way to uphill as soon as you made that 180 motion..grr!! Anyways I got up over the little hill and made my back past the starting line. ¬†The second mile was the best. ¬†I only missed my target pace by 1 second, so that was nice to see. ¬†Over the last mile there were a couple hills and another turn around. ¬†At the turn around I saw the nearest competitor and thought it was kinda cool that I’d get to actually win a race for the first time. ¬†I cruised up the last hill and then down the short descent and crossed the line at 18:28 I think, don’t quote me on that, but it was somewhere near there. ¬†After the race I got to meet a facebook friend in real living color! ¬†It’s always fun to meet a cyber friend whom you’ve never had real interaction with. ¬†Then I headed back out into the cold for 40 more minutes of blissful running Mendon Ponds.¬†I absolutely love it out in the park, so peaceful. ¬†I really feel at home when I am there. ¬†Maybe someday I will find a nice little house for myself in the woods….or I could just get a van and live in the beach parking lot, that could work!





Let the good times roll


A wise man once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. ”

Winter is rolling along and things are a bit crazy…all we can do is put one foot in front of the other and march on.

My most productive week…maybe ever

This week seemed to go by pretty quick for me. ¬†With lots of work to be done at the office it makes the days go by quickly. ¬†I’ve got a nice little routing going. ¬†Training in the morning, work all day, head home, eat something quick and get to bed as soon as I can, and then REPEAT. ¬†It’s a nice way to make the dreary winter months go by.

Moving along, this week turned out to be just an overall really productive week. ¬†I started the week off by doing something that I have been putting of for quite a while. ¬†As most of you know, I am a CPA to pay the bills…so this means I do have a little financial savvy..I’d rank my knowledge just above a 6th graders, but still I know what a debit and credit are..most of the time ūüôā haha. ¬†Ever since I entered the work force I have wanted to open a Roth IRA so I could start putting some money away and hopefully retire before I turn 90. So I finally just forced myself to go onto the web and open an account up. ¬†I guess I always sort of thought it would be a little difficult to set one up. ¬†You know determine what I want to invest in, actually open the account, set up electronic transfers, etc..It turns out that it is amazingly easy. ¬†I think it took me all of 10 minutes to create an account on Vanguard.com, choose my investment, and set up my electronic bank transfer. ¬†The toughest step toward retirement planning is behind me now. ¬†All I have to do going forward it make sure I throw some money in to the account to help it keep growing. ¬†Who nows maybe I will be a millionaire someday! haha!

The next thing I did this week was something that I have never done before. ¬†I actually am quite embarrassed about this, but I will share it with you all anyways. ¬†As I mentioned before I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), I currently spend most of my time working in the personal taxation field of the industry. ¬†Here’s the funny part…I HAVE NEVER DONE MY TAXES BEFORE! ¬†Basically over the past few years (this year included) my return consists of

1. A W-2,

2. two 1099-DIVs

and thats pretty much it folks. ¬†An infant child (the one from those e-trade commercials) could easily do my tax return. ¬†However, since it has historically just been done by my Dad’s accountant I never really thought about it to much since he was able to just give the accountant my few tax documents and the guy would just crank it out real quickly. ¬†In the broad scheme it was more of a favor to my dad since the real money the accountant was making was for doing my mom and dad’s returns since they are self-employed real estate owners (this usually makes tax returns a bit more difficult). ¬†None the less at the beginning of last week I had still not completed my own tax return. ¬†With the new year starting and my initiative to “Just Do my Damn Job, Everyday!” I figured I would sit down and crank out my personal tax return (Its a 1040A for you accountants out there, nice and easy when you have no real income and are claiming the standard deduction, which means I will get my refund quicker too!) ¬†Just like when I set up my Roth IRA the whole process was ridiculously fast. ¬†I seared irs.gov’s website to a government sponsored tax return site (you can use the IRS’s free file system too) ¬†and I found a tax return website called http://www.taxslayer.com. ¬†They have a sponsorship deal with Dale Earnhardt Jr and he is pictured on their homepage…this sealed the deal for me, I knew I had to do my taxes with them! Hahaha..just kidding. ¬†The beauty about taxslayer.com is that its completely free to e-file your returns if you in the military or like me below a certain income level and below the age 25. ¬†I qualified! ¬†So in about 20 minutes I filled out my return and submitted it. ¬†Now all I have to do is wait to collect my refund..hopefully the government does wait to long!

So there you go! ¬†I began a retirement savings account and did my own tax return, what a good week! ¬†I also knocked out some pretty solid training which included a long run yesterday that went very well. ¬†I was able to run outside and it made all the difference in the world. ¬†I had been on the treadmill for about 2 weeks in a row (including my long run) because of the weather..so getting outside even though it was cold was a great thing! ¬†And get this while I am closing in on about 20 minutes to go in my run I see three chica’s turn the corner and start running on the road I am on, me being behind them. ¬†The first thing I notice is that they all have reflective gear (it was early in the AM dawn was just breaking and like me they had been running since it was dark) and I was like damn I need to get some of that reflective gear because there were a lot of cars that went by me in the morning that I bet didn’t see me..(note to self, by a reflective vest or something). ¬†Anyways, I also notice that one of them is a redhead. ¬†Let me fill you in here. ¬†The day before I was talking to a former co-worker about this group that she runs with on Saturday mornings called the Oven Door Runners. ¬†I asked if she was going to run since I was thinking about going. ¬†Since the guys that I swim with who usually run with the ODR’s were all out of town I wanted to see if she would be there so if I came I would have someone to talk with and you know ease the awkwardness of not knowing anyone. ¬†It turns out that she wasn’t going to be able to go and instead she was going to run with some friends. ¬†So ok I chalked that one up as a no-go to ODR’s this week and I went on my merry way Saturday morning. ¬†By the way my friend has red hair. ¬†So fast forward to Saturday morning at around 7:40 am. ¬†I’ve been out running for about an hour or so and am just beginning my tempo part of the run when the 3 female’s pop out in front of me. ¬†At first glance I’m like “no way thats her..there are prolly hundreds of people running this morning all over town”. ¬†Literally there usually are with the Fleet Feet groups and everyone else. ¬†I felt like yelling out to see if it was her but then I thought that a weird little dude with white spandex, a fuel belt, and a blue hat might scare them off. ¬†So instead I cruised up behind them and sure enough it was my friend Karen. ¬†Totally unplanned, totally unscripted. ¬†We both had no idea where each was running that day or when for that matter. ¬†Just goes to show you that cool things happen when you exercise!

Oh yeah…I just did the dishes and am in the process of doing my laundry…2 weeks overdue, GROSS!

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