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…and the beat goes on

So I owe you guys some posts and this is the week that I can make it up to you all.  Sleeping in until 7:15 in the morning is like a little gift from the heavens above.  I’ve been up for about 20 minutes so far and have made myself some coffee, blended a delicious smoothie consisting of a banana, cup of strawberries, scoop of protein, couple spoons of greek yogurt, and a dash of glutamine to aid in the recovery of my limbs from this weekend, and now I am just relaxing before I begin my assault on the day.  Once I take a step into the bathroom for my shower the day really begins.  I’l have to shower, shave, put on a dress shirt, find a tie that matches (or at least kind of matches, I am color blind so it makes things difficult.  I tend to stick to solid bold colors as they make it easier for me to not look like a complete clown at work).

Well the first thing that comes to my mind about this recovery week is that I should set some goals:

1.  If work allows, I will be in my bed at 8:30 or before each night.

2.  No surfing the web or watching Netflix after I get home from work, that just ends up keeping me up later than I need to be.

3.  Procure a reading lamp for my bedroom. (The light that is in the ceiling fan of my room blew yesterday, I have no idea how to change it because its like screwed into the fan with actual screws.  Well let me rephrase that, I have no motivation to do home repair on it.  So instead I am going to get what I have been wanting for a while instead, which is a good reading lamp that will sit right next to my bed.

4.  Eat perfectly!  Shake in the morning, apple and protein for a snack, big salad with fruit at lunch, yogurt and fruit for pm snack, vegetables and meat for dinner, protein before bed.  Easy peasy.

5.  Take my fish oil and iron supplements to keep that recovery process stoked!

I am at work now so I must get down to business.  Spring is coming though..even if it doesn’t look like it outside today 🙂



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