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Another week closer to Spring

A lot of the same lately.  I’m up to my neck in tax returns and honestly can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.  Hopefully in a couple weeks that will change, I think it will!

So the past couple days have been good sleep-wise.  I got my marching orders to rest up on Friday and take a recovery day.  So that meant not getting up at 5am to go to masters swim class.  I really don’t mind getting up that early and quite frankly I love being at the pool with all my friends, however a few extra hours of sleep can do wonders energy wise.  I mean just as an example you can see that I am actually posting a blog which of late I only do when I have a little extra energy to spare.  However, I don’t have that much to spare because in a couple hours I am going to be giving it my all at the St Patricks Day 5 mile run down town.  The command tower at work gave me clearance to race this morning which means I was able to sleep in a bit and even go to the gym for a little trx core warmup session.  That has brought me back here, at my desk.  Its around 8:45, so just under 2 hours until the gun goes off.  In the mean time I think I will load up an old iPod I found with some tunes so I can listen to it while warming up and then chuck it with my warm clothes pile and not care if I lose it.  So there you go kleftomaniacs, if you want an old iPod shuffle search out my warm clothes pile at the race and bingo..there you go!  But beware, karma is a bit$%.

Anyways, thats all I really got for now.  Time to relax a bit before flooring myself for 5 miles.  I feel that I am a little overweight at the moment in terms of racing weight but really thats kind of expected since its still early March, but who knows maybe that little extra spare tire around my stomach will help me move a little faster this morning..who knows?

Good luck to all those who are racing today, and to all those who are drinking safe and have a green beer for turbeau!







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