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Nominations for the Stylish Blogger Awards, PLUS 7 facts about Turbeau! and PICTURES FROM THE RACE!

More to come about the race later but I don’t have much time at the moment as I have to go to a meeting.  But here are a couple pictures from the race on Saturday, so nice of the race to actually allow the competitors to download full resolution pictures!

I like that I am off the ground and I seem to have good leg separation, however my head is up and I am not leaned forward enough.  Possibly because this was near the finish, but still I need to work on that.

And heres a goofy one at around mile 3.5, I pulled up to this guy and he ran with my for about half a mile.  I think he was in more pain that I was…and in that regard I should have been pressing more 🙂


Courtney nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award (thanks for giving me something worthwhile to post!)  You are supposed to link back to the person who nominated you, and then nominate 7 other people.

In addition to Mrs. PW, I nominate:

Mike – you have some really nice photos lately.  Keep up the good work!

Ryan “Whitehot” Barnett – your posts keep my days filled with laughter.
Mary – your post A everyday and that should be acknowledged for sheer endurance.

Cait – i really enjoyed the year in review through pictures, and the pictures of all the pig out food you ate after IM St George, Placid, and Kona.  Its inspiring to say the least.  I think you have fried more food than I can name

Travis – You don’t post as frequently as others, but when you do they are usually Quality efforts! 

Pat – you went A.W.O.L in regards to blog posting for a while last year but over the last two months you have thrown up a few very worthy posts of your recent on-goings.  I commend you for this.  And if there is a “Comeback Blogger of the Year” award…well sir It goes to you!

FalkeeTri – Check the FalkeeTri 2011 team out!  I have some sweet tattoo’s (temp of course) and some other swag to rock this race season.  Mine along with the other athletes profiles are up now, so do yourself a favor and read up!

You are also supposed to put 7 things about you, so here are mine!  I know you all have been dying for me to expose myself…..(and NO not in that way your perv’s) although if your in Lake Placid during the summertime something the speedo show comes to town! 🙂

1. I spent almost 5 months in London during the Spring semester of my Sophomore year in college.  It was the best time of my life and I have the most amazing memories.  I made so many great friends and had some many crazy adventures.  It was a once in a lifetime experience.  I miss it most everyday.  CJ and Joe, it was freaking real dudes! 

2. I am sitting at my desk at work right now as I write this.  Its Sunday night at 8:42 PM…is it April 18th yet?

3. I am what you call a sneaker-head.  It used to be pretty insane.  I had a sneaker collection that was pretty substantial.  Jordans, Air Max’s..etc..I have since sold most of them off to pay for triathlon stuff.  I thought the shoes obsession that I had would go away once I got into multisport but I think it has only gotten worse since now I just buy a ton of running and cycling shoes..always looking for the best fit and the coolest looking.  I guess its, “once an addict, always an addict”

4. I rode my bike outside today for 2 hours.  First outdoor ride of 2011!  A crisp 40 degrees with some snow flurries but BOY was it nice to be outside.  I finished up the training day by riding indoors for couple more hours so I didn’t want to make my cycleops trainer feel lonely.  I need her to be in good working order for another month or so.  After that she can fuss and whine all she wants through the summer 🙂  Kidding though since I might use the indoor trainer more often this year for higher intensity rides.

5. I haven’t played tennis in many years but back in the day (way when I was 12) I was REALLY GOOD.  Like good enough to beat all but 1 person on the varsity team.  My dad coached the team so i was always hanging around practices.  In retrospect I should have recognized my potential and stuck with it instead of playing baseball.  Reasons?  Let see here.  I am white, 5 foot nothing, and have no super human strength.  However I was gifted coordination and endurance.  But no I went with the nations pastime instead..stupid me.  I could have played at Wimbledon!  Well maybe not…but I think I could have palyed at a decent college and maybe become a tennis pro.  Boy being a tennis pro teach hot ladies how to play tennis.  Now thats the job for me!

6. I am a podcast-aholic.  Since my car radio basically doesn’t work I listen to podcasts in the car, which subsequently leads me to listening them on my way into the office, at my desk, in the breakroom, on my way home from work, into my apartment, while I am eating dinner, and while I am surfing the web.  Sometimes I go on electronic media overload and put on netflix on my computer while listening to a podcast about a totally unrelated topic.  This is when you know your are too “plugged in”. 

Current Favorite Blogs:  Stuff You Should Know, This American Life, Adam Corolla, WTF with Mark Maron, Stuff you missed in History Class, Tri Talk with David Warden and Simply Stu.

7. I hate the fact that I have become addicted to social media (ie Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  I spend way to damn much time on it for no real reason.  I love reading my friends blogs because there is something fullfilling about them.  The person is really taking initiative and expressing themselves.  Social media is a great outlet to get messages, blog links and pictures out but I just end up going on there and wasting many minutes that could be put to better use.  I don’t know why I feel the need to check facebook 5 billion times a day…it makes no sense to me, yet I constantly find myself looking at “most recent” news.  Anyways…I think the moral of the last two items is that I need to go on a grass roots training weekend where I totally unplug from the world.  I bring my nutrition, bike, and running shoes and pile on the miles!

ps..I feel like I could write many more facts about myself and kind of want to..anyone wanna read them?

Alright people, time to get started on your 7 facts.  I created mine, now I want to read yours!



7 thoughts on “Nominations for the Stylish Blogger Awards, PLUS 7 facts about Turbeau! and PICTURES FROM THE RACE! Leave a comment

  1. Great job at the race, Turbo! It was fun to see you for a minute and I’m glad you were able to get out and do the race. Keep up the great work – you’re on great form for the year!


    • Thanks Dan! It was a good workout for sure, learned a lot about strategy…like how I need to improve mine 🙂 Haha but yeah you were one of the people I knew who I made eye contact with, otherwise it was nice to hear the cheers every once in a while even if it was acknowledged with a drool filled frunt/armraise. HA! PS will have to hook up soon for the wetsuit, maybe coffee sometime.


  2. I need to develop my race photo pose arsenal this season. I always look like I’m in pain or look like a stooge. Nice.
    Thanks for the blog tag. Managed to avoid them up until now. =) Some ammo for the blog this week.


  3. Those are the tiniest racing flats that I have ever seen….did you get those on the womens side of the store or did you just steal them from Jeff Beck?

    Nice work on the race man, it’s an early season one that’s hard to pace/take out correctly. I know you’ll blast it again in the future!


  4. COmparing Miranda to you?! Nice! I am a Saucony shoe addict! I might as well just be called an addict as my house is full of shoes! You have to have one to match every outfit right?!! Ha ha!


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