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The Weekend Wrap-up – ps Happy Spring!

Here’s what my weekend looked like, bullet point style:

  • Friday night after work I went to the gym and got some work done on the treadmill next to my buddy Joey Williams, a Penn Yan Native
  • Saturday morning a solo long run
  • Then I went to the gym to try and do some trx but there was no room set it up so I did some other core stuff and then headed to work..did peoples taxes all day
  • Sunday morning I met up with people at the canal path and ran for about 1:40ish
  • Then I headed home and got in touch with a good buddy named Dan Jarecke, owner of NiceTriOnline and we decided to get an outside ride in since it was really nice today.  Let me preface the ride by saying that it was your typical first outside ride of the year.  So I am getting dressed and I go to put my helmet on and SNAP! the thing that tightens it onto your head breaks into about 4 pieces, its a crucial plastic piece so the helmet is pretty much useless now.  I rigged it to work for the ride but I will prolly scrounge at my parents house for one next time I get home.  So then on the ride everything is rolling smoothly until about 40 minutes in, when I flat.  And this is where it really gets good because I decided to be brainless and not bring my flat kit.  I even packed it in my bag!  I had just left it in the back of my car instead of actually putting it on my body.  Anyway, Dan is well prepared and lets me use one of his tubes and CO2’s (which reminds me I need to get him a new one!)
  • On we went after the flat, everything seemingly fine until pow, another flat.  My front tire goes completely soft and now we are about 15 miles from his house with no spare tubes and here’s the kicker, no cell phones.  Yet again another true sign that its an early spring ride.  It appears that we were both so eager to get out and ride outside and we completely forgot some of the essentials.  And I will say that it was all my fault since If I just remembered my flat kit we would have been fine….oh well.  We ended up asking a nice lady whose house we were by if we could use her phone.  Dan called his wife, however she didn’t pick up so were left with very few options.  In the end we decided to give the front tire a shot of CO2 along with some air from the nice ladies bike pump that she had laying in her garage (I guess her son was a rider, so that worked out nicely).  By some miracle the tire held the air long enough for us to cruise back to his house, only to find that his wife has left the house in search of us.  Turns out she was looking in the wrong place so it was a good thing we made it back and gave her a call to let her know we made our way home.  And as an update my front tire is completely flat as of this morning.  Needless to say I will be switching my tires to the bomb proof bontrager kevlar hard cases ASAP as Spring riding is definitely starting up.  SOOO GLAD FOR THAT!  All in all it was a fun adventure with Dan and we still managed to get in around 30 miles or riding so all was not lost!
  • After the ride of many mishaps I tried on a wetsut of his only to discover that a Small Tall from blueseventy just doesn’t fit my Arnold Schwarzenneger sized chest.  The rest of the suit was fine but my burly man bust was just to large…I guess that comes with the territory when your a beast like me..haha, must be all the swimming!  So it was a good thing that I got to try on his wetsuit since if I has bought that size without trying it on I would have been sorely dissapointed.
  • After that I headed back to Rochester to finish the training day up.  First thing first though, a nap was in order.  After running for 1:30 plus at 7Am, and riding outside I needed a little power nap to get me through the remaining portion of my day (which by the way was to be the hardest).  I don’t usually nap since I just never seem to be “tired” enough or be able to shut my mind off in the middle of the day.  However, I laid my head down on my bed at 4pm and the next thing I know its 4:45 and my alarm is wailing away.  I seriously considered hitting snooze or throwing the phone out the window and just continue to sleep until Monday morning.  However, I had a plan and I was sticking to it come hell or highwater since revcover week starts on Monday.  I can rest all I want this week but today (Sunday) was a training day where the volume and intensity counted.  Its days like those where the work really pays dividends.  So I saddled my trust steed and rode for around 3 hours (finish at the ungodly hour of 8:30PM).  Luckily I have just discovered Californication on Netflix so approx 8 shows got me through the ride.  Immediately after I attempted a transition run…and boy was it ugly!  The legs were screaming no Matt! don’t do it!  but I carried on and everything was going alright for the first 20 but then the last 20 everything hurt and I pulled the plus and did some recovery zone running to wrap it up.  It is always hard to not push through the pain but the big picture is that race season is still a ways away and my biggest race of the year is still over half a year away.  Getting hurt is the worst thing that could happen so playing it safe is ALWAYS the best option.  Yes, I am a little sore today but I slept till 7:15, had a good breakfast and am having a pretty decent day.  Although the coffee I had this morning really didn’t “Jazz” me up as usual.  I think I just needed some more sleep.  I will get on that this week!

ALRIGHT, back to taxes.  Hope you all enjoy the little catch up on what’s been going on the past couple days.  It was very busy but very productive!





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  1. I just discovered Californication as well! I’ve been streaming it via netflix (and maybe even to my iphone while at work. shhhh)


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