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  • Tim Snow, professional triathlete (and Coach with QT2 Systems)with 26 IM under his belt not only raced this weekend in Puerto Rico but also wrote a great race recap from LAVA magazine.  It must have been quite the balancing act to scribble down notes on a piece of paper while riding a bike and running the course.  I wonder if he used a tape recorder to document his thoughts while racing?  Anyway, check out his latest piece here.  And as a little side note his wife just happened to come in 3rd place that day.  She blistered the run leg and chased down the leading girls as she snagged the last podium place.  Great job Cait!


I ran in the Kwicky Blade’s this weekend and my first take is that I like them.  I will need another couple of weeks to really determine if they will fit in the regular rotation but as of now things are looking good for them.  They are a light shoe with a little cush to them which helps when your hitting your transition run after a 4 hour bike on the trainer.  Even though they are pretty light and minimal they seemed to stand up well during the 2 one hour plus runs I took them on.  They advertise as having a stability feature to them which allows for a little aid on the long runs whe the tough really gets going, however when the legs are fresh they allow for quick feet when you have that extra giddy up.

And because I like to keep my mom up with the latest trends in fashion and fitness I ordered her a pair of the Kwicky’s in the women’s yellow version.



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