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Swim more to get faster…duh! & the 1,000,000 Challenge

This week is a recovery week for me.  Last week ended a three-week build where weekly hours were between 16-18.5. These aren’t the crazy high numbers that some others might toss around however they are solid hours that are really giving me a solid foundation as the 2011 racing season approaches.  Recovery weeks are a time for me to soak up all the training that I have put my body through over the previous build phase.  It’s a week that is not to be taken lightly.  Instead of the eye of the tiger focus on hitting the workouts I think the focus needs to be directed towards eating extremely well and making sure you are sleeping AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  This means going to bed when you get home from work instead of watching tv or sitting and your computer until the wee hours.  Alright, if you want to read a little from your paperback, magazine, iPad, or other e-reader I will give you that.  Reading is a good exercise for your brain and one that is altogether avoided by way to many people…at least in my opinion.  But then again you are reading this right now so you aren’t really the type of people who wouldn’t be reading anyways…so I dunno, if you know someone who doesn’t like to read tell them to buck up and get with the program.  The written word is important.  Just watch Californication, you get what I am saying then! Ha, understand my rant about literature by WATCHING a tv show.  What a hypocrite I am!

Anyway, I don’t have too much time right now but I just had some thoughts rattling around my brain that were dying to get out.  Like for instance how every time I go on my recovery week my masters swim classes focus turns to SPRINTING!  Not that this is a horrible thing because it does allow for ample time for rest and recovery between sets, but when in the sets its HARD.  Short and Hard..(one you stop laughing after that comment please keep reading)  Its 25-100 yards of sprinting, I am actually quite decent at it.  Well at least I don’t get lapped during these sets which is nice.  But seriously without fail each time my recovery week starts so does sprinting at masters, not a bad thing at all..just a thing…and I find it funny and wanted to share.

Also! I was pleasantly surprised to get some love from KSWISS and Team HoneyMilk today on twitter.  They gave my blog a shout out and am I am super pumped about that.  I legitimately like the products that these guys sell.  I really do think both of these guys are doing an amazing job building their brand and the triathlon world is benefitting from them doing so.  I am really impressed with the integration between these companies and the people who use their products.  It’s not just the pros that they are giving shout outs to but its the everyday champ like me.  The AG’er who is busting it while working 40+ hours a week.  I appreciate the heck out of that and I really give them KUDDOS.  And on that note I want to give KSWISS and extra pat on the back by putting together this challenge for the Raelert brothers.  I think that the Raelert brothers are both physical specimens who are truly outstanding at what they do.  As a quick summary I will tell you all that KSWISS has ponied up the big $$ and told the Raelerts that if they can cross the finish line together at KONA 2011 they will be handsomely rewarded with a $1,000,000 payday.  Now that is putting the $$ where KSWISS’s mouth is.  KUDDOS TO YOU GUYS!  And to the Raelerts I wish you the best in attempting to bring it home.  Read the article from Lava magazine here!



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  1. Agreed on the R. Brothers, cant wait to see how they perform. I think it looks like everyone and anyone is picking up their game for this upcoming year in KONA, it should be good to see how it goes down. Trying to get back into the swing of regular two-a-day work outs; really hard with how many hours they have us pulling in Optom. School. Cant wait till I just have the Job so I can relatively set my own hours and train more….


  2. I never saw that article about the Raelert Brothers in this current issue. The last one though that detailed them and got their personalities shining thru made me much more appreciative about their work ethic and desire to see each other excel in the sport. They are just grassroots guys with a hell of a lotta talent and desire to win. Awesome thing that KSwiss is doing as well and it will be a feat unlike any other if they can pull it off.

    I think Emelson is a closet lurker on this blog? What are you doing up at 1:52am anyway?!?!? 😉


    • Oh nevermind….the timestamps ALL messed up, my computer clock says 8:33am and that last post now just was stamped as 12:33pm, is this thing set for London time?!?


      • I am not sure, I will have to check on that but I know for a fact that he posted that after 9pm. I thought old people like him went to bed at like 7? And yes he is a lurker for sure, I mean he rags on us for not posting blogs for his reading pleasure yet far be it for him to actually throw up some creative writing.


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