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Calling all blog followers, let your voices be heard!

I could go on and on about how I could use a couple more hours of sleep or how the grind of work is starting to be felt…BUT I AM NOT.  I made a vow to myself and to you all to now whine and complain and I am sticking to my word.  I have nothing to be whiney about either, my life is good and in fact I quite enjoy it.  Its easy to look at the negatives but when you really think about it most people have so many positives in their lives that they actually vastly outnumber the negatives.  Its only because the negatives stick out some much like Lindsay Lohan at Bible School that they get so much attention.  All in all when you break down what I have to deal with I am a pretty simple man, scratch that I am basically a little boy.  I have to remember to eat and dress myself as well as remember to set my alarm clock so that I will wake up on time to do big boy things like go to school work.  After that all I really have to do is go to my office and work.  My extracurricular activities include triathlon related sports and excercise which I add to my daily life to spice things up.  And thats it.  I pretty much eat, train, shower, dress, eat, go to work, eat during day, go home at night, sleep and then repeat the process. 

Instead I am going to pose some questions to you (my readers) and please feel free to leave comments about any of these questions because I as well as all the other blog followers would like to read them.  Or you can email them to me at and I can condense them into a wicked sweet blog!

Question 1:  How’s everyone’s training going?  Does anyone have any stories of a 7 hour ride they did inside on the trainer with no tv, no music, while wearing and aero helmet and not using a fan?  Or how about an epic run where you had to go number 2 but had no toilet paper so you found a random mcdonalds bag in the woods and substituted?  Anyone go on any good training camp trips?

Question 2:  What’s your A++ race this year?

Question 3:  Do you have any topics that you would like me to write about?  Its tough to sometimes broaden your writing horizon and I often find myself writing or thinking about the same things over and over again.  So if there are any topics that you would like me to investigate and report on, or give my two cents about please let me know.  It doesn’t have to be triathlon related either!

So there you go, have at it.



6 thoughts on “Calling all blog followers, let your voices be heard! Leave a comment

  1. dragging ass here matt,
    trying my best to get something in everyday, school is pretty much a full time job plus homework and stress this quarter. Must admit Im unsure to even register for anything this summer without knowing that Ill be in shape enough not to piss myself off with the performance. The 5 am work outs get to me when I have to sit in a room from 9- 4:30 all day then go relearn everything. Suggestions or words of wisdom are always welcome. trying to stay positive here. thanks for any you offer, keep up your good work.


  2. Hey there Matt,
    Long time reader, first time commenter… I’ve seen a lot of similarities in your training/abilities and mine (I did some stalking), only I’m a bit less experienced (this is my second year in triathlon), and haven’t had as much success (you’re faster). So, I want to get to your level.

    I’m racing IMLP this summer and would love some insider advice to someone who has been there. Any swim tips? What were your swim training weeks like volume wise during your last build? Did you put in enough distance? Time in the pool/open water? How about the bike? What was your weekly mileage like during your build? How did you tackle that LP bike course? Had you ridden it before? And are you a hills guy or do you rip in the flats? How much did you eat on the bike during the race? And how much do you typically eat when you go on your training rides? I’m headed up to LP over memorial day to make my own little training camp so I get an opportunity to ride the course. The last thing, do you take any worthwhile supplements? Or have you experimented with any? Dietary restrictions?

    I know – lots of questions from a weird dude that follows your blog… But you opened the door…

    Any and all advice is appreciated.


    • Great to hear from your Pete! Excellent questions, I think a general review of my first IM experience at Lake Placid last year would make for an excellent “cheat sheet” for all those competing in LP this year and for years to come. You have actually really excited me because now I have something to really focus on. I will put some time into creating a really good report on what I did before LP, what I did during race week, how the race went and even what recovery after the race felt like. It will probably take me a couple days but I will be sure to get you and everyone else some good feedback.

      And as a sidenote I am going to be in LP during memorial day weekend as well as during race weekend (to spectate this year). Maybe I will see you on the roads or in mirror lake in a few weeks!

      Thanks again for the questions!



    • PW, just wanted to give you an update that my IMLP analysis is in the works. Hopefully by next week I can crank out a detailed report! I think you will enjoy 🙂


  3. Thanks for the update, Turbo. I’m excited to read it. You find the drive for that post work training session the other day? And are you doing any iron distance races this year?


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