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Let the Fun Begin

Happy Tax Day everyone, I hope that you all have filed before today and are not running around all day trying to get your returns in the mail before tonight.

More importantly Happy Boston Marathon/Patriots Day, I can only imagine the energy that is happening right now up in Boston.  To everyone racing their including the Rochester folk that are racing GOOD LUCK!  Good like Kellmans, Mike Mundy, Tim Dwyer, and Dan Giblin and the many others that I am sure I am leaving out.  Have a great race and use that tail wind that I have heard about on the way home for a PR day!

Today is the first day of the rest of my year.  It is the last day of the tax busy season.  I made it through alive.  So in celebration of my newfound freedom that will come later today I am going to start the day by returning to my masters swim class and then hopefully end the day with a bike ride.  Their is supposedly a happy hour celebration at 5, so I figure I can make a quick appearance and the skiddadle home to ride my bike inside or out, weather depending.  And the the beautiful thing is that since most people are going to be hungover we don’t have to be in the office until 10am on Tuesday which means a little more sleep and a little more time to get my Tuesday brick workout in!   Oh the places I will go with a few more hours in my day.  I sure am going to need them if I am going to be in shape for the season opener in Syracuse on May 7th.  I’ve got about 3 full weeks to get fit and get ready to suffer.  I am looking forward to it

Time to head to the pool…



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