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Must be something in the water…

The weather may be gloomy up her in the Northeast but the dark little could over my head is gone.  A swim this morning in the great outdoors with a bunch of friends and a lunch time run ahead of me has me feeling quite chipper this morning.  I am in the process of finishing up my post about “My Tips and Tricks” on how to have a great day at Ironman Lake Placid, the post should be out by the end of the weekend.  I hope everyone will enjoy it and at least take it for what its worth.  It’s going to be a narrative of my mindset about the race, the preparation for the race, and the execution on race day.  My ideas and methods may not be your own but at least they will give you something to compare against.  An ever evolving plan is one that will allow your to grow as an athlete and achieve new milestones each and every season….IMO.

Well then, lots of cool things ahead for this guy.  I will be in Syracuse this weekend training with none only than Cusetri himself.  I will finally get to see him in action this year and see what I will be up against at the Green Lakes Duathlon in a couples weeks 🙂  and since this is Easter weekend my whole family will all be gathering in Syracuse on Sunday, which will be nice.

From their a whirlwind of weekend racing, training and fun will be occuring.  Summer 2011 looks to be a good one, now someone just needs to tell mother nature to speed up the warming up would be very much appreciated since the bicycle riding is a bit harsh at the moment when the temperatures and wind speeds are about the same..mid 40’s.

Gotta run for now, have a little bit of work to do (in my nice quite office since everyone else is on vacation), and then more importantly I have a lunchtime run date with Mr Travis Earley, the recent winner of the Muddy Sneakers 20K.



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  1. I’m awaiting the IMLP tips post with bated breath…

    If you can, throw in something on why you have chosen to race IMFL a second time this year, as opposed to IMLP, despite the proximity to your stomping grounds.



    • That one’s pretty easy, IMFL has cheaper lodging 🙂 hahaha

      I would guess I will be back to Placid in a few years. 2012 will be a new IM thought, not FL and not LP. Time for a new location! It will be in the states though. Someday when I can save up some sheckles you can count on me racing either in Australia or Europe for sure!


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