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Quick Update with TTT Results

Well I am back home after a great weekend in Ohio with my good buddies Mike Corona, Don Ehinger, and Ken Koppenhaver.

Don’t have much time right now to do a proper race report but I will be sure to get one up this weekend.  I will be heading up to Lake Placid for some relaxation and a little bit of training.  Mostly easy stuff this week and I am letting the body recover from the onslaught that was the American Triple T!  But I do have a little hike set up with none other than Mr. Mountaineer himself Travis Earley.  We will be looking to traverse uncharted territory where no man has gone before.  It will be epic!

While I am up in LP with my feet up I will be sure to let you all know what went down at the Triple T!  For now I will leave you with some links to the results.  Check them out!

Triple T, Ohio (4 Races in 3 Days, OVERALL RESULTS HERE!)

10:17 Total Time, 8th Solo Overall

Super Sprint      Olympic # 1     Olympic #2      Half Iron



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  1. Dude, MANY people have done these peaks in the ADK’s. One is a “trail less” peak, but you’ll see that so many people have traversed up it that it’s a well worn herd path into the mountain… still will be a blast though and I can’t wait to get up to the mountains!


    • Listen here Travis any mountain I climb whether its 40 feet or 4,000 feet is an achivement. By the time I am done bragging about my epic hiking abilities people will have thought I crested Mt. Everest.


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