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I’ve been a bad blogger lately.

Oh how I wish I was being a better blogger.  I think I need more days like today, that’s it!  Today has been one of those days that I wish I could put on repeat and do everyday.  Woke up nice and early but not to early.  It was a little before 6:30 I would say.  Mind you I get to wake up to the soothing sound of the lake and the rising sun to the East.  Life is definitely better back home on Keuka Lake.  A little coffee, and a couple (well 4) slices of cinnamon swirl toast later I was ready to start my training day off right with an open water swim along the shoreline.  I stick close to the docks so that no boater ends Turbeau Curbeau run of things.  It’s probably not the smartest move to swim solo in a lake like Keuka but I am pretty confident in my swimming abilities and as long as I stick close to the docks and sight for fisherman things are all good.  I will say that sighting for fisherman not only keeps me from getting reeled in by an angler but it also is quite beneficial on race day when sighting can literally save you minutes!

After a nice 50ish minute swim I headed out for a bike ride that was slated to be “hilly”. Well it just so happens that back here on Keuka Lake their are endless amounts of hills to be ridden.  I actually “mapped my ride” earlier in the morning so I knew where I was going and the approximate distances.  Well at the ONE crucial point of the whole ride I made the wrong turn.  However, I ended up knowing where I was going and rode into Naples at around the 2 hour mark of my ride.  I’ve never ridden out from Penn Yan that far so it was pretty cool to come upon a place that usually I only ride to when I am out in the Bristol area.  The ride was indeed hilly and I think the official elevation gained was ~5,000 (not the 7,000 that Training Peaks told me…I trust garmin connect a lot more!).  Not a bad amount of climbing for 3 and a half hours.

Well with the workouts done I got some food in me, started watching IM CDA, and began to clean the bike (which is currently hanging in the garage drying).  I really went to town on the bike and degreased the chains, cassettes, and everything else that could be degreased.

I’m currently watching the Live coverage of IM CDA and seeing Crowie take the W. However, what I am most interested in at the moment is seeing if Cait Snow can take the win as well.  She came off the bike with a significant deficit to uber-cyclist Julie Dibens and has been running the lead of her ever since.  Julie has been struggling with some cramps or something and has been forced to walking a bunch.  This is opening it up for Cait to do what she does best…run really really fast.  Were are cheering for you Cait!

And of course I am keeping tabs on a ton of other friends racing today.  Pat Wheeler looks to be cruising on the course today and we will see if he can take the number 1 spot in the 25-29 AG today.  He came of the bike in 3rd place after laying down a 57 minute swim…and he’s a really fast runner so he definitely has a great shot!

And to everyone else keep it up!  Alexa, Jesse, Charlie, Adam, Sean and everyone else!!!

Now to watch some more of the race, scrounge up some dinner, and eventually make my way back to Rochester.  Sunday nights mean Monday mornings….but you never know what can happen on any given today.  Hopefully good things for all!



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