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Blast from the Past

A good blogger must know when they have “bloggers block”.  It is that point where you really don’t have much to offer a the moment.  Sure you could post some useless nonsense that does nothing to benefit mankind and mostly pisses off your loyal followers but I am not about that.  In fact it is that kind of stuff that turns me off to a lot of blogs.  If you don’t have anything to post about, its probably to the betterment of society if you just don’t.

With that said, instead of words I am going to post some pictures.  Some pictures that I found buried deep in the files of my computer from years gone by.  This is the world that was, the world before Turbeau Curbeau ever existed.  A time when a boy named Matt thought 30 minutes on a bike was an eternity….. Enjoy the trip down memory lane folks.

…and of course plenty more to come!



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