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Just updated my “About” page and wanted to share it with everyone.


My name is Matt Curbeau, I am a former football, basketball, baseball player turned triathlete.  After hanging up the baseball cleats in college I spent time in London, England, got a job as an Accountant, and lifted weights at the gym religiously.  After passing the CPA exam during my first year out of college I decided I need another “outlet” for my energy, and lifting weights everyday was just not cutting it.  A friend of mine took me to a local duathlon where I proceeded to fall in love with the sport.  The results from that race weren’t pretty but the main thing was that I developed a true love and passion for endurance sport and for swimming, biking and running general.  Over the past two and a half years I have come a long way athletically, but more importantly I have met so many wonderful people and have had amazing times.  Being a part of something that is seemingly “bigger than one’s self” is special and I enjoy every moment of it.  Whether its a 4:30 AM run before the sun rises, or a 8PM trainer ride in the basement…its all gravy.

In November of 2011 I will be participating in my 3rd Ironman distance race in just my second full year in the sport.  I am very excited about the opportunity to take on the IMFL course again.  Once I return from the race more big things are happening for me.  I will be moving to Portland, Oregon to start fresh.  I will be leaving the world of Public Accounting and looking to find my place where my creative and enthusiastic nature shines bright.  If anyone from Nike happends to stumble upon this blog, I AM ALL YOURS, contact me and I will do anything you need.  My brother is welcoming me with open arms into his home with his wife and two absolutely amazing kiddo’s.  They (along with my parents of course) are single handedly making it all possible for me to take on this new opportunity and for that I can’t thank them enough.  Exciting and challenging times are on the horizon and I can wait to experience it all.

I hope you enjoy all my ramblings as I begin the next chapter in my life.


Matt “Turbeau” Curbeau

Coming out of the water sans wetsuit at the Summer Sizzler

A Blog About Nothing

As usual its Saturday morning and I am up before 6AM.  During the past week I twice (yes twice) slept in my bed until 8:10, leaving myself just 20 minutes to get into work.  However, without a doubt on Saturday morning on pretty much the same amount of sleep I am up before 6AM and ready to go.  I guess that goes to show you how much the “stress” of the day factors in.  Being that I have all day to do whatever I want, swim when I want to swim and bike when I want to bike makes all the difference.  Sometimes the simple fact that during the weekdays I am always trying to fit things in around my work schedule which is arbitrarily 8:30 – 5:30.  I honestly believe that If I could work my own 8 hours a day I would be a much happier person, regardless of the work I was doing.  However, I like most triathletes and athletic people in general are the minority.  The majority of people don’t wake up at 4AM to exercise.

I don’t have much else interesting to talk about at the moment. Today will be great Saturday, I’ll be heading back home to the lake is a little while and going out for a relaxing bike ride later on in the day.  This weekend will all be low key workouts in preparation for beginning the next training block next week.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  I’ve got a lot of work to do before IMFL on November 5th.  Hopefully the weather in the Northeast (post-Irene of course) will stay relatively mild and make those final weeks in October bearable.

As a side note, I will be selling my Aeolus 6.5 wheelset, so if interested please let know.  See full posting with pictures HERE






The Next Chapter – Part I

I’ve changed in a lot of ways over past 3-4 years.  If you asked someone I went to high school with or who I started college with they would probably laugh if you told them what I was doing now.  I wasn’t some American badass, but just a typical teenager/young college kid who lacked a real direction and a real “FOCUS”.  Well over the past two years in particular I have gained my focus.  I have directed this focus primarily on Triathlon.  The sport of triathlon has been extremely fun and rewarding for me.  The simple fact is that their are so many races and various distances that everyone can enjoy them.  I stand by that statement too..with the disclaimer that you need to be motivated to get yourself prepared.  Triathlon is not just a one day race.  If you really want to reach your potential it becomes a way of life.  You eat different, you act different, you go to bed earlier, etc etc..Well along those lines I must say I am a different person than I was a few years ago.  In just the past year my knowledge of the sport of triathlon has grown exponentially.  I can honestly look back at many of the things I thought and did when I started in 2009 and simply laugh and how horrendous they were.  My focus on triathlon has also brought about other changes in the way I think.  Whether its the lifestyle that I have created because of it or otherwise…the fact of the matter is that I have come to a metaphoric “fork in the road” in my life, and like Yogi Berra said, “when you come to a fork in the road, you take it!”  And that’s just it, I am taking the fork in the road and making a change.   In November I am going to be packing up and heading to Portland, Oregon where my brother and his family live.  They have been gracious enough to offer me a place to live and are the sole reason why my decision to move to Portland is possible.  Without them this move would probably not happen, and for that I am extremely grateful.

In the mean time I am trying to sublet my apartment and will be moving back home on Keuka Lake for a couple months.  Here are a couple pictures from my basement setup back home.  My dad mounted a tv in the basement which makes for a perfect spot to ride my bike.  This man cave comes complete with a lake view, huge refrigerator for all the cool drinks and eats I need, as well as an industrial water cooler to keep me well hydrated.  This place will see some serious usuage during the build towards Ironman Florida this November.

But before IMFL I have lots to do.  I have an apartment to sublet, work to be done at the office, work to be done on my swim bike and run, the Syracuse 70.3, and countless other things.  I have been a bit overwhelmed the last few weeks while I was preparing for Timberman and selling off all my apartment stuff so I could make the move possible.  I am finally settling back into somewhat of a routine.  The only downside at the moment is that in my haste to get my aparment cleaned out because I had someone who was “supposed” to move in last week I sold my nice bed and essentially everything else.  So gone is the bed, and the utensils, and just about everything else.  I know have a twin size air mattress and a fan next to two filing cabinets….and that’s it folks.  Their is definitely something liberating about simple living and I honestly like it, but I would prefer a bigger bed..but it really isn’t to bad.  I know get all my utensils, plates, etc from Wegmans when I go shopping.  It’s much easier on the dish washing end for me now 🙂

2011 Timberman 70.3 – Race Recap

Coming into this race I felt like most triathletes do the week before an Ironman event, I felt rotten.  My body was recovering from the work I did in the previous weeks..and months.  My runs felt nasty and running at an endurance pace was a struggle.  Not a struggle I lost, but still it was harder than you would expect when you are regularly running at a much faster pace.  When I rode my bike on Tuesday my legs felt like boat anchors.  I guess you could say that I was right where I should be.  As the week went on things got better in the pool and on the bike, however when I ran on Friday morning (the last run before the race) it still didn’t feel “right”, but it was getting their…but in reality that’s what you want.  It’s all about peaking at the right time.  That’s why certain sports teams win the super bowl, or an unknown college basketball team from the middle of nowhere makes it to the Final Four.  So, as I made the 400 mile odyssey to beautiful Guilford, NH I had plenty of time to think about the race.  However, I did very little thinking about the race and instead listened to about 6 podcasts from Jay Mohr (Put Your Name On It!) and Adam Carolla.  The time went by quickly and before I knew it I had made it to NH and was very pleasantly suprised to find the Greystone Inn where I was staying at was right on the run course, only 1 mile from transition.  Their would be a big aid station right in front of the Inn during the race as well, this worked out great for my parents who had a great time spectating and gave me the chance to see them at 4 times up close and personal during the run.  Most races aren’t that spectator friendly, so that was a definite bonus.  After getting to NH I took care of registration and got settled into my room.

Saturday morning I headed out for a short bike ride on the course and followed that up with a 20 minute swim.  After that work was done I treated myself to a huge breakfast at a place called Kitchen Cravings (I would highly recommend this place for those in the area).  For those interested I had: 3 eggs scrambled, 2 pieces of toast, some home fries (the real kind), bacon (extra crispy), and two big pancakes.  Once the main meal was in me I headed back to my room and at on my but for mostly the rest of the day with the exception of taking my bike down to transition.

As for race day, I was up at 4am to get my breakfast in and get the day started.  I arrived at transition at around 6AM, got everything situated, and then enjoyed some “down-time” before my race started.  We in the 25-29 AG started in the 13th wave, starting at 7:55AM which was 55 minutes after the pros went off, so we had a pretty big crowd in the water for us to swim through.  I don’t remember the swim being to difficult in that regards, their was a little jostling through some sections where it was crowded but nothing big.  I tried to take the swim out at a good pace to get some distance at the beginning and then came into a sustainable stroke for the majority of the swim.  When I reached the last “out buoy” and was headed for home I started to pick it up and swim harder, essentially using each buoy as a target.  My goal was a :30 minute or less swim and the results have me at 30:13 so I will take that.  T1 went smoothly and I was soon on my bike, and could see my HR was soaring.  Their was a little run into T1 after the swim, so that coupled with the swim really had me working hard.  It would take the better part of 10 miles for the HR to settle, and in fact during the whole bike ride my HR more or less steadily decreased, even though the power increased….which is a good thing. The bike course was a rolling one with a few decent climbs, but also had some decent flat sections.  All in all it was a very fair course.  I could feel my legs a bit at miles 30-35 and wondered if I had been biking a little beyond myself, however that feeling went away quickly and never came back.  I biked just about exactly how I planned in terms of intensity, what the time is becomes the unknown factor due to the course, etc…I was really pleased to come into T2 with my best 70.3 bike split, which was 2:26.  I caught sight of Pat Wheeler, who started in my AG as I entered T2.  He was heading out on the run course, so I knew I had swam and biked pretty decent to be within a few minutes of Pat who is a triathlon stud with a 9:20’ish finish at Kona, and more recently 4th Age Grouper Overall at Couer d’Alene. (Pat ended up 2nd in the 25-29AG on the day with a 4:21 and more importantly finished 11th Overall, or if you go by Slowtwitch he cracked the Top 10 :), congrats to Pat on a great day on course in the midst of a huge training block as he prepares to battle on the Big Island of Kona once again this Octorber.  Good luck Pat!)

So heading out on the run I knew that if I ran like I could that I could get my sub 4:30 time, which was my big goal for this race.  My one fatal error for this race was that I went entirely to fast over the first mile.  When I started my watch the locator was not giving me a correct pace read out.  So I was essentially running by feel until it could get itself straightened out with the satellites.  Thus, I ended up running a sub 6 minute mile (in truth a lot below sub 6) or at least thats what the watch says.  The first mile as entirely by feel, and thats what I get for not being prepared.  Luckily, it didn’t hinder my run, the second mile was pretty much all on a slight incline so I backed off the gas peddle and made my way to the first turn around at around the 5k mark.  The course is a two loop course, which was great in my opinion since on the second loop you knew exactly where everything was and when you could turn on the after burners to bring it home.

Here are some pictures from the run:

Starting out on the first Loop

Getting some support from my Mama

All in all the run went pretty smooth.  Over the last 2 miles I really tried to take it up a notch.  I wanted that sub 4:30 time and as you can see in this next picture I ran hard all the way to the line (as you should!)

The end result was a 1:28 run split and a 4:27 finishing time, a new PR for me at the 70.3 distance.  The goal was to be below 4:30 so the day was a success.

Check here for full results –> Timberman 2011 Results.

Where I placed:

-18th Overall

-4th in AG (25-29)

Thanks to Dan at NiceTri for the gear to keep me looking good on the course, Base Nutrition for their great Amino Blend and Recovery Activator that keep me training and racing hard & most importantly to my Mom and Dad who came to NH and supported me during the race…and made sure that I had a nice bed to sleep in while at the race 🙂  Also want to give a shout out to my friend Chad Holderbaum who thre down a nice 4:22 on the day.  Once again Chad beat me by about 5 minutes, just as he did at the Musselman last month.  At least we both are getting faster..even if its at a similar rate 🙂  Chad is also in the midst of training for Kona in October, so train hard and best of luck on the Big Island.  Last but not least, thanks to Ian Mikelson for giving me a solid training plan leading up to the race.  Ian is a pro triathlete who will be racing with the big dawgs on Kona this October as well.  Keep an eye out for him.  You can follow him throughout his training and racing here –> Ian Mikelson’s Blog

Next up is IM Syracuse 70.3 and IMFL.  I will take this week relatively easy and then get back into it.  It’s going to be a really fun Fall with these races on the schedule.  Good luck to all those training for these and all the other race’s still on the 2011 schedule.  Hope to see you out their!



This phrase just jumped into my brain like a bolt of lighting, fast and out of nowhere.  I hearby coin this term “TurbeauPower” as my personal mantra.  I also would like to personally lay claim to its naming rights as I plan to use this in some manner to yield me monetary compensation in the future.  What I will actually label with it is still up in the air.  Only time will tell what the wonders I will create will be.

Just had to get that off my chest before someone stole it at put it on a t-shirt…i don’t want any trolls reaping the benefits of my well deserved namesake.

Good day to you all!



However, any logo ideas would be greatly appreciated 🙂  Something with a lightning bolt for sure!

A day in the life…..

What does a random day in the life of Turbeau Curbeau look like?  Well a little something like this…

Woke up around 4:30 and immediately headed to the kitchen to chug a glass of water and drink my fiber (citrucel), and brew some coffee in my keurig coffee maker.  After the liquids were taken care of I dumped a scoop of chocolate protein powder into a bowl, added a crushed up nature’s valley granola bar and threw half a cup of chobani yogurt on top as it was left over from my late night snack a few hours earlier.  Once this was all taken care of I sat down at my desk and checked the email and did some brief internet surfing while I ate and drank coffee.  I went through one cup and had a second, and even had a second granola bar because they are so tasty.  After sending out some emails and such I headed to the pool at around 5:30, took my time getting ready, even did some situps in the gym, and was in the pool at 6:00AM.  I swam 4,900 yards with a “pull” focus.

Once out of the pull I hurried to shower, get back to my apartment, change into work clothes and get on my way into the office.  While on the way into the office I stopped at Wegmans and got 1 banana (for pre-run tonight), some bluberries for my yogurt, slivered almonds, and a redbull.  I literally never drink redbull, in fact the last time I had one was in March of 2010 before the St Patty’s day 5 mile run.  I wanted to try something different this afternoon, so instead of taking a half a cup of coffee around 5:30 (which sometimes gives me reflux during runs) I am going to try a half of a redbull and see what happends.  Hopefully it gives me wings!  After Wegmans I made my usual pit stop at Dunkin Donuts for a large black coffee.  I usally only drink 1/2 to 3/4 of it but I like getting the large because I’d hate to run out and want more, plus for some reason I feel that it helps keep the coffee warmer longer…idk..im weird.  And GET THIS!  While at Dunkin I saw the sign for the Dunkin K-Cups that I have been waiting for.  I quickly ordered a case of those while at the drive thru and am very excited to give them a try tomorrow!  Then it was onto the 490 into work.  While on the way in I gave my Dad (“Dickey C”) a call and chatted with him until I entered the office.

At work today I managed to complete my preparation of one trust return and began work on another project where I am working through 3 years of bank statements, trying to get the pertinent numbers into some reasonable order to that they can actually be analyzed for some benefit.  Fun stuff right?!?  Well the day moved along..I snack on some sliced almonds and a bit of protein powder during the day, ate a yogurt and 1/2 of a sweet potato for lunch..weird right?  And then snacked one some granola bars during the afternoon along with a banana around 4:15.  All this eating was done to make sure I could keep my stomach in check for the evening track session I had planned.  My new thing is to limit all meat to after running workouts during the weekdays.  If I can avoid vegetables and meats during the day I will have better runs because my stomach won’t be such a trainwreck.  But don’t worry I will still be getting my daily requirements and more of fruits and vegetables at other times, you can count on that.

So after work I headed home to grab my running gear.  While at home I grabbed my red bull I bought in the morning and started sipping as I got ready and then drove to the track.  Once at the track I met up my buddy Joe who was going to join me in the workout.  Always nice to have someone else on the track to keep you honest.  He said I kept him motivated but I think it was mutual…it always helps to have someone watching when your working hard.  We warmed up for 15 while shooting the proverbial “shit” and then got to work on 6 x 1000 meters on 3:50 (or below depending on how your feeling).  In between each interval there is a 5 minute rolling recovery at 8:00 pace.  The workout went well as I was able to drop each interval by a few seconds each time, starting the first one at 5:55ish pace and bring the last one in at 5:30 something pace.  As long as I can negative split me efforts I don’t get to concerned with not coming in at exactly the “prescribed time”, however if I started out to hard and my times were going the other way then I would be a little more concerned with sticking to the exact plan.

Anyway, it was a good day on many fronts.  Work went smoothly today, I knocked out all the workouts I had planned, I got a friend to actually run with me, and the process of moving stuff out of my apartment has begun (more on that later).  Things are definitely going in the right direction at the moment.  I just need to keep them rolling along.

It’s now 9:30, I’ve ate my dinner that I got at Wegmans tonight.  It was a bag of salad, half an avacado (plus a couple more spoonfuls), chicken breast, some garbanzo beans, and a little balsamic dressing.  Now to bed so I can wake up without it hurting to much and attack another day.  Swim and bike tomorrow…now’s the time to make it all happen.

And one other great thing…my mom called me today to say that she found a local inn (The Greystone Inn) at the Timberman race site.  When I called them back in June they were all booked.  But today they found a spot for me.  I am very excited for this since now I won’t have to worry about driving in early on race morning, and I’ll be able to relax a bit more the two days before the race.  It’s going to be a really fun trip to NH and a great race for sure!



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