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A day in the life…..

What does a random day in the life of Turbeau Curbeau look like?  Well a little something like this…

Woke up around 4:30 and immediately headed to the kitchen to chug a glass of water and drink my fiber (citrucel), and brew some coffee in my keurig coffee maker.  After the liquids were taken care of I dumped a scoop of chocolate protein powder into a bowl, added a crushed up nature’s valley granola bar and threw half a cup of chobani yogurt on top as it was left over from my late night snack a few hours earlier.  Once this was all taken care of I sat down at my desk and checked the email and did some brief internet surfing while I ate and drank coffee.  I went through one cup and had a second, and even had a second granola bar because they are so tasty.  After sending out some emails and such I headed to the pool at around 5:30, took my time getting ready, even did some situps in the gym, and was in the pool at 6:00AM.  I swam 4,900 yards with a “pull” focus.

Once out of the pull I hurried to shower, get back to my apartment, change into work clothes and get on my way into the office.  While on the way into the office I stopped at Wegmans and got 1 banana (for pre-run tonight), some bluberries for my yogurt, slivered almonds, and a redbull.  I literally never drink redbull, in fact the last time I had one was in March of 2010 before the St Patty’s day 5 mile run.  I wanted to try something different this afternoon, so instead of taking a half a cup of coffee around 5:30 (which sometimes gives me reflux during runs) I am going to try a half of a redbull and see what happends.  Hopefully it gives me wings!  After Wegmans I made my usual pit stop at Dunkin Donuts for a large black coffee.  I usally only drink 1/2 to 3/4 of it but I like getting the large because I’d hate to run out and want more, plus for some reason I feel that it helps keep the coffee warmer longer… weird.  And GET THIS!  While at Dunkin I saw the sign for the Dunkin K-Cups that I have been waiting for.  I quickly ordered a case of those while at the drive thru and am very excited to give them a try tomorrow!  Then it was onto the 490 into work.  While on the way in I gave my Dad (“Dickey C”) a call and chatted with him until I entered the office.

At work today I managed to complete my preparation of one trust return and began work on another project where I am working through 3 years of bank statements, trying to get the pertinent numbers into some reasonable order to that they can actually be analyzed for some benefit.  Fun stuff right?!?  Well the day moved along..I snack on some sliced almonds and a bit of protein powder during the day, ate a yogurt and 1/2 of a sweet potato for lunch..weird right?  And then snacked one some granola bars during the afternoon along with a banana around 4:15.  All this eating was done to make sure I could keep my stomach in check for the evening track session I had planned.  My new thing is to limit all meat to after running workouts during the weekdays.  If I can avoid vegetables and meats during the day I will have better runs because my stomach won’t be such a trainwreck.  But don’t worry I will still be getting my daily requirements and more of fruits and vegetables at other times, you can count on that.

So after work I headed home to grab my running gear.  While at home I grabbed my red bull I bought in the morning and started sipping as I got ready and then drove to the track.  Once at the track I met up my buddy Joe who was going to join me in the workout.  Always nice to have someone else on the track to keep you honest.  He said I kept him motivated but I think it was mutual…it always helps to have someone watching when your working hard.  We warmed up for 15 while shooting the proverbial “shit” and then got to work on 6 x 1000 meters on 3:50 (or below depending on how your feeling).  In between each interval there is a 5 minute rolling recovery at 8:00 pace.  The workout went well as I was able to drop each interval by a few seconds each time, starting the first one at 5:55ish pace and bring the last one in at 5:30 something pace.  As long as I can negative split me efforts I don’t get to concerned with not coming in at exactly the “prescribed time”, however if I started out to hard and my times were going the other way then I would be a little more concerned with sticking to the exact plan.

Anyway, it was a good day on many fronts.  Work went smoothly today, I knocked out all the workouts I had planned, I got a friend to actually run with me, and the process of moving stuff out of my apartment has begun (more on that later).  Things are definitely going in the right direction at the moment.  I just need to keep them rolling along.

It’s now 9:30, I’ve ate my dinner that I got at Wegmans tonight.  It was a bag of salad, half an avacado (plus a couple more spoonfuls), chicken breast, some garbanzo beans, and a little balsamic dressing.  Now to bed so I can wake up without it hurting to much and attack another day.  Swim and bike tomorrow…now’s the time to make it all happen.

And one other great thing…my mom called me today to say that she found a local inn (The Greystone Inn) at the Timberman race site.  When I called them back in June they were all booked.  But today they found a spot for me.  I am very excited for this since now I won’t have to worry about driving in early on race morning, and I’ll be able to relax a bit more the two days before the race.  It’s going to be a really fun trip to NH and a great race for sure!





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