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This phrase just jumped into my brain like a bolt of lighting, fast and out of nowhere.  I hearby coin this term “TurbeauPower” as my personal mantra.  I also would like to personally lay claim to its naming rights as I plan to use this in some manner to yield me monetary compensation in the future.  What I will actually label with it is still up in the air.  Only time will tell what the wonders I will create will be.

Just had to get that off my chest before someone stole it at put it on a t-shirt…i don’t want any trolls reaping the benefits of my well deserved namesake.

Good day to you all!



However, any logo ideas would be greatly appreciated 🙂  Something with a lightning bolt for sure!



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  1. Wow, this is awkward Matt but I just copyrighted that on like August 4th. Just came to me in a dream like the flux capacitor to Dr. Brown. Except without the hitting my head on the toilet part. Which I am pretty sure just meant Emmett had been boozing it up hard that night. But more pc just to say he hit his head on the toilet.
    Anyways, back to my intellectual propety of “TurbeauPower”. You can use it if you’d like, but only for personal use and not profit. You know, like those FBI warnings on all your illegally burned Dawson Creek DVD’s. You can think of yourself as an Intellectual ‘Tenant’ if that helps you out.


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