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A new “ABOUT” page

Just updated my “About” page and wanted to share it with everyone.


My name is Matt Curbeau, I am a former football, basketball, baseball player turned triathlete.  After hanging up the baseball cleats in college I spent time in London, England, got a job as an Accountant, and lifted weights at the gym religiously.  After passing the CPA exam during my first year out of college I decided I need another “outlet” for my energy, and lifting weights everyday was just not cutting it.  A friend of mine took me to a local duathlon where I proceeded to fall in love with the sport.  The results from that race weren’t pretty but the main thing was that I developed a true love and passion for endurance sport and for swimming, biking and running general.  Over the past two and a half years I have come a long way athletically, but more importantly I have met so many wonderful people and have had amazing times.  Being a part of something that is seemingly “bigger than one’s self” is special and I enjoy every moment of it.  Whether its a 4:30 AM run before the sun rises, or a 8PM trainer ride in the basement…its all gravy.

In November of 2011 I will be participating in my 3rd Ironman distance race in just my second full year in the sport.  I am very excited about the opportunity to take on the IMFL course again.  Once I return from the race more big things are happening for me.  I will be moving to Portland, Oregon to start fresh.  I will be leaving the world of Public Accounting and looking to find my place where my creative and enthusiastic nature shines bright.  If anyone from Nike happends to stumble upon this blog, I AM ALL YOURS, contact me and I will do anything you need.  My brother is welcoming me with open arms into his home with his wife and two absolutely amazing kiddo’s.  They (along with my parents of course) are single handedly making it all possible for me to take on this new opportunity and for that I can’t thank them enough.  Exciting and challenging times are on the horizon and I can wait to experience it all.

I hope you enjoy all my ramblings as I begin the next chapter in my life.


Matt “Turbeau” Curbeau

Coming out of the water sans wetsuit at the Summer Sizzler



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