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Another week in the books & The CUSE 70.3 GRUDGE MATCH

I wrote out the title of this Blog on Sunday evening, however I didn’t end up actually writing anything down.  Needless to say it is now Thursday and I am just getting some thoughts down.

Last week was a very solid week training wise.  The training hours were pushed up by a few from the week before and the building process towards IMFL felt like it was going along smoothly.  The only real change from week to week was that last Sunday I raced the Finger Lakes Sprint triathlon, so the rides and runs on the weekend were adjusted a bit.

I must say that racing the Score This Sprint series races this summer has been really good for me not only from a results stand point but from a mental and physical one.  The beauty about the brevity of a sprint triathlon, being only a little over an hour long for me is that it’s a great way to really get some quality efforts out of the body without completely wrecking it.  This means that the overall training plan for the longer races is relatively unaffected.  Thus, getting these types of short races on the schedule means that instead of grinding out another solo bike ride or run I get to spent time racing against actual people for actual times.

So leading up the weekend I was getting some intense and quality workouts in, making it to the pool each morning and getting in close to 20k by Friday.  This might not seem like an accomplishment to just get to the pool each day but when the commute is over an hour to the pool I would say that it is.  I am not complaining because I enjoy the peaceful time in the car with my coffee and my podcasts, but it does put a little strain on “getting it all in”.  Planning my week out in advance has become critical since I moved back home.  This is only temporary and well worth it for the benefits that will come in a few weeks.  Plus living back home has some tremendous benefits like being right on the lake, the fridge is pretty much always stocked, my trainer set up in the basement is awesome!…its pretty good living I’ve gotta say.

As for the actual race on Sunday all went pretty well.  I was very cold at the start of the race so when we actually got in the water (which was warmer than the air) it felt amazing.  The first 400 yards of the swim was right into the waves and the strong current that was heading toward shore definitely made everyone work.  On the way home that same current made the time go by pretty fast.  My goal in these short races is to bury myself and try to hang around the lead swimmers in the wave.  Usually regardless of the age group there are always a couple of people that can swim, that’s just the nature of triathlon.  Most of the time these are uber swimmers who have a long background in the pool, so being able to stay amongst them is an accomplishment for me.  I think I ended up 3rd in my age group out of the water.  We were the first sprint wave so I knew that as long as I could pass a couple of people in either transition or on the bike that I would be out front alone.  I must have caught one of them in transition because at about a half mile out of T1 I passed a youngster with “16” on his leg.  I would put money on it that he’s a high school swimmer who is very fast, hopefully he gets bitten by the tri bug and starts biking and running more…he’s got a natural advantage!

On the bike there was nothing really noteworthy.  It consisted of me grinding in my big gears trying to go as fast as possible on my semi-tired legs.   I think I ended up with about a 25mph avg with lower wattage than usual for a sprint.  None the less I got off the bike and immediately forgot where the heck my transition spot was.  I had a nice big yellow mat that I use to help me remember, however someone had conveniently placed their wetsuit right on it.  That someone was me…I’m a dummy.  After feeling very helpless for a few seconds I found it and then started wondering where run out was.  Why?  Well because their were people still coming in from the swim, in fact as I began my run their was a swim wave still leaving…so I realized this and started the run, weaving through people it wetsuits and finally got onto the run course.  It was pretty smooth sailing, when I hit the course I think their were 2 other ahead of me who were in the Olympic, Dan Pierce out of Buffalo and Steve Rosinski, a local from Rochester who was killing it.  Turns out Steve made up over 4 minutes on Dan on the bike.  Dan’s a great swimmer and a great biker so for Steve to make up all that time and actually pass him on the bike is saying something.  Steve went on to run sub 34 for the Olympic and win the race.  All I can say is that I am glad he wasn’t in the sprint that day, haha, just kidding I would have welcomed the competition from him!  I ended up with a 1:08 on the day for first place.  It was a great way to wrap up the sprint course season for me.  I am very glad that I was able to race in 4 of the Score This series races.  It was a fun way to keep the summer interesting.  And of course I must mention that once again Curt Eggers made the podium as he was right on my heels again..just as he has been all summer.  Pretty awesome for a guy who is old enough to be my dad.  Curt was 1st in his AG at the AG national championships back in August.  So congrats to him on a great summer season.  Hopefully our paths will cross again someday.


So for now its back to the grindstone.  I’ve been training as normal this week and will take Saturday as a semi-easy rest day in preparation for Cuse 70.3 on Sunday.  This race will be one that I will essentially be training though so a world record may not be broken this weekend, however this race does provide a great format for a grudge match between none other than the one they call “CUSETRI“.  Yes, this Sunday if you are lucky enough to be in Syracuse you can watch the GRUDGE MATCH between Turbeau and CuseTri play out on (Last year I snuck out the title by about a minute).  Mike will be starting 5 minutes before me and his goal is to get to the finish line before me.  My challenge is to thus chase his butt down on the run course..can it be done, can I make it 2 for 2?  Only time will tell….since I am staying with him this weekend I better make sure he doesn’t slip anything into my food.  Have explosive #2 during the run could be BAD!  AHHH !!  It’s going to be a great weekend in the Cuse for sure.

Let me know if your racing this weekend!





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