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An overdue blog post…(What I’ve been up to)

Yeah, I know that it has been a while since I last posted.  My weeks have become jam packed and there just hasn’t been much excess time for indulgences like writing blog posts.  In preparation for the move out west I have finally sublet my apartment and am now living at home in Penn Yan full-time.  Yep, I know am that mid-20’s guy living at home in the basement.  Well, not quite I guess, I actually have a bed and it is on the top floor 🙂  However, the bike is set up on the trainer in the basement and I spend more time down their than anywhere else soo….yeah…Anyways, I like living at home.  In my situation it works extremely well since I get along with my parents and enjoy their company. (Is that the right use of “their”, I am trying to be better about my grammar these days).  So yeah, being at home on Keuka Lake is very relaxing to me.  During the weeks I spend the night on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as well as the weekends.  On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I have been crashing in Rochester thanks to my good friend Don Ehinger as well as my cousin Brian.  I do this in order to fit in my current training schedule.  I end up getting my bike workouts in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings back home in PY on the trainer, and then get my swim in at night.  Instead of driving back to Penn Yan and getting home at 10pm and then leaving again at 4:30AM on Wednesday and Friday mornings to make it to Masters which starts at 5:45AM I stay in Rochester and save both time and gas.  So yes my weeks are filled with a lot of driving and fitting in workouts around my schedule but I found that over the last two weeks I can accomplish 20 hour weeks of training as long as I plan ahead and make sure to get to bed as early as possible when I can.  On Mon, Wed and Fridays I aim for a mandatory bedtime of 8PM so that I can get as close to 8 hours of sleep as possible.  With swimming on Tues and Thursday nights I usually end up hitting the sack closer to 10PM..I try my best to sneak a nap in during the work day but sometimes it just isn’t possible.  So that’s a little glimpse into what I am doing on a day to day basis if you wanted to know 🙂

I also want to thank Steve Rosinski, an Optometrist by day and beast-mode triathlete by night, for letting me tag along to the RIT for Tuesday and Thursday night swims…It’s always hard to find a good open pool to get a workout in and also having people around you in the pool makes the workouts go much better and much faster.  So thanks.  I must add that Steve is a monster and just took 5th Overall (Including the Pros, obvisouly won his AG and was also top amateur) at the Pocono’s 70.3 last weekend.  This was Steve’s first 70.3 and even through pretty tough conditions that cancelled the swim he came out on top.  The dude is gonna be a big time player in the 70.3 distance so be sure to follow him and watch the destruction he leaves in his path.  And so you know he laid down a 2:18 on the bike and a 1:20 on the run…THAT’S FAST!

ALSO, this weekend the registration for the American Triple T opened up.  In May none other than Cuse Tri (Mike Corona) and I will be teaming up to dominate the team competition.  This 3 day event is located in Shawnee Park, Ohio and is an absolutely amazing experience.  If you haven’t heard of it you need to check it out!  And if you have heard of it and have been thinking about doing it, I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND IT!  It’s like going to camp, the most fun camp you have ever been to that is.  Staying in a cabin full of tri-dorks, eating mass quantities, trying to recover in time for the next race, BS’ing the whole time…its a blast!  Here is my race report from last year if you want to read more –> 2010 Triple T Race Report

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