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No Doubts

I just read a really good article by Paulo Sousa about not having any doubts in regards to training and racing.  I suppose since I am currently coached by one of his own athletes on the Squad that I too should have no doubts based on the passing down of the “message” from coach to athlete to the athlete’s athlete, if you can follow me there.  My take on this is that if you let any doubt about your preparation or your potential into your head then you are only letting in bad thoughts and bad energy.  It’s like the book, “The Secret”, if you think something bad is going to happen well then you are enhancing the probability that it will, simply because you let it enter your subconscious.  Instead of letting negativity invade your thoughts, be extremely positive and willing to follow the plan.  However, following a plan is not always as easy as it seems because a certain amount of trust must be given to the person in charge.  What trust comes down to is believing in the person who is leading you.

I trust the my coach and I bought in.  I won’t lie I sometimes get caught up in the details, think to much and yada yada but for the most part I have gotten my instructions and executed to the best of my ability.  What the outcome will be?  That will be determined on race day.  However, I realize that it is now all about execution.  I have the tools and the ability to create something and it is up to me to use them correctly.  And I suppose that is the beauty of triathlon.  All the real work is done in training.  Race day for triathlon is like game day for football.  You’ve practiced many hours, drilling, running your playbook, prepping for the opponents defense (course obstacles)…etc.  The only thing in your control when the big day comes is if you can put your skills and your preparation to use.

I feel physically and mentally good.  I am ready put in my best effort and make it happen on Saturday.

Good luck to all my friends who are racing, see you on the course!

Special thanks to Towpath Bike Shop, Tri Running and Walking, Ian Mikelson for getting me ready and of course my parents for making it possible for me to do all the training and racing I do.

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  1. Congratulations on a really excellent race execution and result. It was great fun to follow you throughout the day and calculate that you would punch that ticket to Kona.

    Denise and I hope be be seeing you there,



  2. Thanks Hugh, I look forward to seeing you guys on Dig Me next October as well! I probably gave you a little scare when I hit my bad patch at miles 14-18, we’ll fix that next time 🙂


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