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Keeping Portland Weird

I’m in Portland.  It has rained.  I have met people.  I have been to the Nike Employee store.  I have found my second home at the Athletes Lounge.  I’ve seen a lot of people with a lot of tattoo’s.  I’ve spent a few hours at Powell’s book store…next time I will visit the other side of the first floor.  I now take care of two ducks that live in my backyard.  I’ve been able to ride my bike outside every time I have wanted to without being uncomfortable due to the weather.  It has not snowed here, locals say it rarely does.  The Trailblazers and the rest of the NBA will start on Christmas and I plan on going to a game sometime this year.  I’ve hung out with a good friend from back home who just so happened to live in Corvallis. (Brian Christensen).  I’ve run on the most amazing trails I have ever been on in Forest Park.

and that’s just some of whats been going on.  Time to swim and run.



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    • You are telling me, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I actually picked up a trinket at Powell’s for you, it may or may not make it to you depending on if I get myself to the post office one of these days. Btw…can you text me your address sometime, that’d might help to. I think you’ll get a kick out of the trinket.


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