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2012 is here, Time to Do Work!

Phew….the main Holiday season is finally behind us all.  That means only one thing.  It’s time to get serious!

The past couple of weeks have really flown by.  I’ve been training pretty hard and putting in some solid hours of base training.  Meeting new people, riding new routes and running on new trails everyday.

New and exciting things are happening every day!  2012 is going to be a really fun year.  I’ll give you one tidbit of info and it is that I know have a job here in Portland at the Athletes Lounge, so stop by if you live near Portland or check out the website if your on the east coast.  It is by far the coolest triathlon shop I have ever seen and I would put it up against any in the country.  The owners are awesome guys and the staff is top-notch.  I am extremely happy to be working with them.

Stay tuned for more details about the 2012 race season,  very cool things are happening!





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