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KIWAMI Triathlon: Fast Forward Triathlon Wear

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I have always believed that if you “look good, you play good” and during this upcoming triathlon season I know I will definitely be looking amazing in my KIWAMI attire.

I am very excited to announce that for the 2012 campaign I will be having my race apparel needs taken care of by KIWAMI, makers of “first-class triathlon race-wear”.  My relationship with the company and their North American leader stemmed from a conversation at the IMFL expo this past fall.  A conversation that was partially initiated by the fact that they were giving away free water bottles to all those who mentioned a Slowtwitch thread which they had posted a week prior to the race.  I must thank them for the bottle as it provided me with essential nutrition on the bike segment.  However, that bottle was donated to an aid station at around mile 30 🙂

KIWAMI was bolstered in my mind by the great words coming from another standout age grouper, Bill Roberston (check out his blog!).  Bill, like me is still relatively new to the sport, but has seen some great success in a relatively short amount of time.  Bill has had nothing but praise for the company, the products they make and the interactions he has had with the good people at KIWAMI.  I look forward to leading the Age Group charge with Bill this year as we both make some noise in our KIWAMI kits.  Coordinated kit colors maybe?? 🙂

The name “KIWAMI” stems from two words, “KIWI” a flightless bird found only in New Zealand and “AMI” meaning friend.  Thus, in its purest form KIWAMI means a friendly flightless.  Quite fitting as I could barely touch net when I played basketball.  KIWAMI has been around since 2003, when it as established by triathletes Craig & Hélène Watson.

KiWAMi’s mission statement is simple:

“To produce first-class triathlon race-wear that is specifically designed and tailored to enhance the performance of the competitor.”

I look forward to being a part of the KIWAMI family this year and benefitting from racing in the top quality products they make.  KIWAMI was a company created to make the best triathlon apparel possible.  They are a brand committed to triathlon first and foremost which separates them from the vast majority of companies who create a triathlon segment after the fact.  Triathlon is center stage with KIWAMI!



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