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If you don’t have anything good to say its better to say nothing at all…That pretty much sums up my blogging lately.  I am sure that some things that have occurred recently could be blog worthy like how Lance Armstrong triumphantly returned to triathlon.  But lets be serious I think enough people have that topic covered in its entirety.  So I won’t bore you all with my thoughts on it, other than I think its awesome and I can’t wait to feel the energy he brings to Galveston on April 1st.

This brings me to really my only talking point today.  Originally my first race of the year was going to be the Triple T weekend in Ohio at the end of May.  However, based on the fact that in January I was already itching to race again I thought a race a little earlier in the season would be nice.  Plus I think that as compared to last year when I was still working long hours in the office as a CPA that my training is progressing a bit quicker than in prior years based on the amount of time I have to devote to training and sleeping.  Being able to sleep between 8-10 hours on a regular basis does absolute wonders for the body and mind.  So instead of a late May race I decided to jump on the chance to race in Texas on April 1st.  I will be returning to the location where my first IM 70.3 took place in April of 2010.  It really is amazing how fast 2 years have gone.  It will be fun to race on the same course and based on the amount of people I know who are racing it as well it is sure to be a great weekend.  Also, this guy Juan Pelota announced that he was going to be racing it as well, which is pretty neat.

With the Texas 70.3 now on my schedule it is helping me focus on my training during these initially months of the 2012 race season.  Typically a lull is to be expected from mid February to mid April when work is substantial and motivation begins to waver after the excitement of a new training year wears off.  NOT THIS YEAR THOUGH.  This year is different for a lot of reasons and it is going to require a lot more discipline in many areas.  Something that I have honestly been lacking even up to now.  There is a lot that goes into a good race day, way more than just doing the proper training.

With that said I am going to go get ready for my day.  It’s almost 7am here on the west coast and I’ve got a great day ahead of me.  I am on my “rest week” but todays workout is anything but rest worthy.  It is my key workout of the week and one that brings me closer to a simulation of a 70.3 at a slightly lower intensity.

Until the next time,




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