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Pro Cards, Cardboard Boxes and Hawaiian Dinners

Alright then, its Sunday morning here in a very mild PDX.  I’ve been up for about an hour now as I had to run to Starbucks and procure two bags of freshly ground Blonde Roast for the house, as well as a Venti Coffee to go so that I could get the caffeine into my body as quickly as possible.  I will note that as the racing season is drawing closer and the fact that I simply drink even more coffee on a daily basis here in Portland, I have limited my coffee consumption to the workout specific window(s).  Meaning that I allow myself to have coffee before my morning workouts and that is it.  This usually works out to allowing coffee in my life from the hours of 5-8:30 or 9’ish at the latest. This works well for me.

Over the past few days at work I have been working on 1 project which is still not completed and will most likely take another 2 days or so.  That project came about due to the fact that the shop received over 50 boxes of “Spring Apparel/Products” from about 4 different retailers on Friday.  Hooray for new stuff!  But not hooray for the unpacking and adding into inventory and labeling all of the stuff.  Now I will say that I by no means hate this work, in fact its pretty much what I actually enjoy doing.  I am getting to use my natural “bookkeeping skills” in a situation that I actually enjoy.  What it basically comes down to is reconciling the goods on hand to what the packing list says from the shipper and then checking that against what our Purchase Order actually says in our computer system.  So being the accounting nerd I actually don’t mind doing this stuff at all.  So that is what has been going on at work the last couple of days.

In the world of triathlon I have very exciting news to share with you all.  My friend Eric, who I mentioned was racing this weekend in my previous post did indeed race yesterday and in the process took 2nd place in a very large AG Draft Legal race held in Clermont, FL.  In taking 2nd place he earned his Professional License, a goal that he has been working hard to achieve.  He had put in the training and was clearly of the ability, so the fact that he went down to a sprint race (where anything can happen because of the short distance) and got the job done is absolutely awesome.  Plain and simple he executed and got the job done.  Only the top 3 earned a pro card so it was by no means a sure thing with 85 people on the start line, but his hard work and dedication paid off and thats great to see.  I can’t wait to see how the rest of his year will go now, as well as getting him back to PDX so I can have someone to destroy me in the pool, on the bike and while running 🙂 Follow his adventures at his blog site –>  I am sure he will have a race report up soon.

Last but not least I have to mention the awesome dinner that was once again had last night at the Bamboo House Grill.  A huge plate of kalua pig (I think that was what it was called) with white rice and some mac salad was had.  This coupled with a nice kona brewed pint was a perfect Saturday evening meal.  Boy was it good….and super filling.  I think the stomach stretched a couple sizes.

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