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Another Block Down

This past Sunday concluded the end of another 3 week building block.  This coupled with the fact that we lost an hour due to Daylight Saving Time kicking into gear made me quite tired on Sunday morning.  Ultimately leading me to skip the Sunday morning shop ride and instead sleep in a bit longer and hop on the trainer in the garage before work instead.  All was not lost though, after getting the trainer ride done along with a short transition run I made one my my best homemade breakfast’s since I moved out here.  Believe it or not I actually used a skillet and fried up some awesome turkey bacon along with fresh duck eggs (yes duck eggs, we have two ducks that live in the back yard and one of them has started to lay 1 egg a day.  I must say that the eggs are really good, heavy yolk and a lot of egg white!) and of course a piece of hearty multigrain toast.  It was quite tasty.

On the training front things have been rolling along pretty good.  Knock on wood I have been pretty healthy and my body has been holding up well.  As of late I have been making a conscious effort to stretch a bit more as I have been feeling a little tighter in certain places lately.  These past three weeks have got me very excited as I have really been able to execute all my workouts without any issues.  I am now very comfortable back in the aero position after a good three months on my road bike, my running seems solid and in the pool I feel that I have gained some speed even without a swim emphasis as I have greatly reduced my yardage in exchange for more biking and running.  I believe that this strategy which was concocted by Tim Snow, QT2 Systems Coach will allow me to reap tremendous benefits this season.

And so as with every training block comes a reduced volume week (“recovery week”) which will give me a chance to rest my body a bit more.  I will still have some strong efforts over the next few days but I will also have a day completely off.  For the first time this year I felt a bit tired this weekend, not tired from not getting enough sleep, just a bit sluggish from some cumulative training.  This is a good thing as it means I am putting in the time…but I am grateful for the extra hours in bed that I will have this week 🙂

Next week will be back to the regular load as I ramp it up for one week and then back it down the following week, which consequently is race week.  I am heading down to Texas for the Galveston 70.3 on Thursday the 29th and will be there until Monday.  Not only will I get to hang out and race with many of my friends from back East but I will also get to see my parents for the first time since early November.  This will be the longest time I have been away from them so it will be nice to spent time with them and once again share the race experience.  With Lance-Mania taking place, race weekend will surely be filled with a lot of excitement!



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