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Something had to give

I just wrote about 4 paragraphs of sappy mumblings about how the past few days haven’t really gone as planned.  Workouts weren’t that great and I had to spend a Zipp wheel’s worth on my car.  Yada yada…you don’t want to hear about it and I don’t need to be whining.  So instead of that I will simply say this.  When you start to feel sorry for yourself, STOP and watch this –> ,then go about your business.




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  1. Matt,

    Good luck at the Galveston 70.3! Denise and I are heading to P.E first thing tomorrow morning but won’t get there until just before your race time on Sunday. We’ll be following you as well as the Lancefest that is certain to be associated with the race.

    Have a great day.

    Hugh & Deni


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