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Heading South, then to the NW, then East, back to the NW and finally the East again

The 2012 Spring/Summer season officially kicks off this week as my life will essentially be on fast forward for a month or so.  I will be leaving PDX and heading down to Phoenix, AZ for two weeks of fun in the sun (literally on the sun as I guess it has been on avg 100 degrees down in AZ on a daily basis).  Hopefully I will come back with a cyclists tan that would make even Jens Voight proud.  I am heading to AZ with none other than Eric Lagerstrom himself.  We will be training our butts off in the hopes of preparing ourselves for total world domination…

After the time down in AZ, I am going to make a quick stop in PDX for a few hours and then head immediately back East for the Triple T (TTT) Ohio race weekend where I will be teaming up with my best bud Mike Corona with the goal of winning the team competition.  We race to win! 🙂  We both raced individually at this race last year so we know the course, which means we have no excuses this year.  The TTT event is one of my favorite as it is basically like going to camp.  Hanging out in a cabin, racing all day and shooting the proverbial “shit” with buddies…its pretty awesome.

Then after the TTT weekend I will head back to PDX for a couple weeks, watch my brother graduate Medical School and then eventually make my way to Boise for the Boise 70.3 taking place on June 9th.  I am extremely excited for this race and fully intend on coming in ready and raring to go!  After the race I will continue driving East to Upstate NY where I will be making camp for the summer on Keuka Lake.  The week after Boise will be my reset week where I will take the week off from training and get my mind and body ready for the assault on the fall races which will include Timberman 70.3 and the “Crowie Double” of Vegas and Kona.

Lots of stuff coming up very soon and I must say it is a bit intimidating as I have a lot of packing, driving and planning ahead of me…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It is going to be an absolute blast.

First thing first though and that is to have my ace mechanic Danny Recordon get my Speed Concept up and running!



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