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Still kicking it down in Phoenix

Regrettably, the blog has been neglected over the past week due to a couple factors.  One being that I did a great job of tiring myself out over past few days along with the second factor and probably the more pressing of the two is that I have no wifi connection at the house I am staying at.  Yes, I have my iPhone for the important things like Facebook checking, occasionally twitter updates and of course keeping up with my “Words with Friends” games.  Words being the most important of those very important things 🙂

It has been great training here in Arizona, where the weather is absolutely magnificent.  Sure the heat does make the workouts and keeping hydrated for the workouts tough, but really those are minor things.  It just boggles my mind how nice it is every single day here.  The weather forecast for any fay on the calendar is pretty much, “Sunny and warm with no clouds and no chance of perception”.  It really is the place to be if you want great consistent training.

So with the miles adding up from last weekends rides and this weeks training workouts I got pretty beat down by Thursday and it finally came to a head with a horrendous swim workout that I actually cut short due to absolute fatigue.  It was a fatigue I had not really experienced since sometime last year when I was working a lot and trying to fit in lots of training.  This time the fatigue was curbed by a solid nights sleep and the fact that I didn’t have to go to the office the next day or get up for another workout at 5am because I had to go to that office.  So the simple fact is that I am being blessed with a special opportunity to do this sport right now and I am not going to waste it, nor do I want to take it for granted.  I want to squeeze every ounce of goodness out of my chance.

After a good nights sleep the fatigue was mainly gone and since then I had a solid weekend of training.  Todays brick session rounded out a great training week that was the biggest of the year for me.  Now the challenge is to back it up with an even bigger week, which will have some challenges as I will be traveling back East on the weekend after the flight from AZ to Portland on Saturday.  But those “challenges” aren’t so bad and the end result is that by next Monday morning around 11AM I will be riding in the car with my Dad after he picks me up at the airport…which is pretty nice.

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