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Getting Busy in Upstate

NWT Coaching Crew Heading out for a Long Ride

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve finally settled back down here in the Finger Lakes.  Now that I’ve finally made my base here its been a bit easier to fall into a good rhythm.  Pool swimming has been firmly replaced with OWS in the lake and I am starting to put my assault on all the Strava KOM’s around the area!

The past two weekends have ben very productive with both long rides taking place in Syracuse.  Last weekend the group, consisting of NWT athletes getting reading for IMLP and Louisville, pictured above took off from Mike’s house and put in rides varying from 4-6 hours.  The following day Mike and I ventured over to the Cuse 70.3 course for our long runs.  I didn’t get a chance to see the new course yet so doing a big loop on it was cool and definitely had me wishing a little bit that the race has fallen better on my race calendar.  It was a very fun run course with some nice hills to break things up!

Yesterday, I again got my long ride done in Syracuse.  This time with Eric Hinman whose getting primed for IMLP in two weeks.  We started out by covering the 56 mile loop in bright sun and ended up finishing the second 56 in pouring rain.  The rain did cool things off a bit so it wasn’t a complete bummer.  It was nice to have a buddy eager to keep going in the rain as sometimes morale can be lost when the weather takes a turn for the worse.  Once the rides and runs were done we both rewarded ourselves with a nice meal from the world-famous Dinosaur Barbecue in downtown Syracuse.

It’s not Sunday morning and my long run is looming.  Now that I’ve caught up on yesterday’s tour I suppose I should get on with my day.



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