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Turbeau’s List of “Cool” – June/July 2012 (Nike, MJ’s, Lulu, KiWaMi & More)

I am a sucker for all things cool.  Things like new gadgets, new shoes, new apple products, the latest bikes, fun races…essentially I am a fanboy as well as a marketing creator’s dream.  I have always been attracted to sites like Uncrate, Sneaker News and others because they give brief glimpses at the latest and the greatest.  From the newest multi-tool to the latest Air Jordan Retro re-release.  The majority of the things on these types of sites are fantasies, things that will never actually be obtained.  Yet it is still fun to look at them and dream.

Keeping with the theme of letting the public know what is the latest and greatest I would like to begin what I hope will be a monthly column on the things I think are cool.  These will be items, events, people and anything else I deem worthy of attention.  So sit back and enjoy, maybe you will see something you have always been looking for.

The List (June/July 2012)

1.  Nike Lunarglide 4+ 

The new fully customizable Lunarglide 4

The shoe in the picture is the actual one I created with NikeID.  You can mix and match all colorways on the shoe and even put your own message on the tongue’s.  As these will be the training shoes I use on a daily basis in preparation for Hawaii in October I chose to put “Kona 2012” on them, split between the left and right shoe.

My personal opinion on these shoes is that Nike really did an amazing job.  Yes, it is no secret that I am a huge Nike fan BUT with that said I have never actually trained (running wise) in any Nike shoe for any long duration.  I just never found one that worked.  However, since I started running in a sample of this shoe back in December I have found it to be a really great everyday shoe.  In fact I was getting a bit worried since my “sample” shoes were getting worn out and Nike hadn’t released them to the general public yet.  I was relieved to see that these were finally available a couple weeks ago.  So with that said if you are looking for a pair of eye catching shoes that are great for putting the big miles in, these are a great choice.  The lunarlon technology is really amazing and provides for a great ride!

2.  Mellow Johnny’s New Bike Kits

I’ve had a few Mellow Johnnys Jersey’s over the past few years but I must say that the latest Chevron Kit (In Green) that they have come out with is pretty awesome!  Check them out for yourself, I will personally vouch for the material as they are Giordona made and of a very high quality.

Green Mellow Johnnys “Chevron” Jersey

3.  Lululemon Shorts

Yep, that company who has been doing wonders for the female body with those “black” pants, and the one who has been getting more men into yoga studios than ever before does in fact make outstandingly good apparel for men.  In fact Lululemon covers a broad spectrum of individuals from the two-a-day yogi to the dude on his Harley.  Like the people who wear it, Lululemon apparel is extremely versatile, always looks good and never dissapoints.

Specifically for the summer months I urge you all to take a look at the offerings they have in the shorts department.  Most of them are made with “built in underwear” type liners which really do an amazing job.  The shorts come in many lengths and styles, from short 4 inch ones made for those uber-runner types who like to show off their quads to the longer but still very light ones which would be perfect for the fall marathoner in training or Crossfit junkie who deserves to looks and feel good while repping out 50 burpee’s in a row.

Personally, I am in love with Lululemon products and have been since the first time I tried them on.  I even bought a pair of running tights from them while I was out in Portland this winter.  I had no intention of purchasing them when I entered the store but when I saw them I figured I would try them on. My thinking was that I would try them on and think that their fit was not much different than my other name brand ones from a specific running (athletic) company that I am in love with, which happens to be based in Oregon.  No offense Swoosh but Lulu’s tights put yours to shame.  Once I had them on me I knew I had to have them.  Thus, as I left the store that day I walked with a spring in my step as my wallet was now lighter and I knew I was going to look and feel awesome on the trails 🙂  Look good, feel good, play good right?

One last thing I will leave you with about Lulu is that they seem to really have their proverbial head screwed on straight.  I have always loved the clothing that I have bought from them and enjoyed my experiences when in the stores.  However, until recently I didn’t really know what they were all about.  Then I actually read the Lululemon Manifesto and it hit me square in the chest…like it was calling me.  Here is a picture of it and if you click this link you will find a text friendly version.  I urge you all to give it a read through, I think you’ll like it.

The Lululemon Manifesto

4. Kiwami Torpedo Speed Suit

The Torpedo! Kiwami’s latest and greatest Speed Suit. Use “MattC10” to get 10% off all Kiwami purchases!!!

Are you a fast swimmer?  Nah, me neither.  That’s why I need every advantage I can get in the water.  The new Torpedo Speed Suit by Kiwami is like they say “Lethal in the Water”.  You can read all about the details of the suit here.  But the fact is that if you have a non-wetsuit swim coming up this year you are probably going to want one of these.  What a speed suit has to offer in my opinion is the streamlining effect.  When swimming without a wetsuit in your race kit you are most likely leaving your pockets and other areas exposed to water.  This means additional drag is being caused because as you swim water is filling those areas and ultimately slowing you down.  The speed suit goes over top your race kit and makes everything seamless like a traditional wetsuit would.  So for all that time you spend in the pool do yourself a favor and grab one of these.  As an added bonus I will say that these speed suits are also great to use for the summer months when lake/ocean temperatures are pleasant.  Instead of putting on a full sleeved wetsuit every time, you can use slip easily into a speed suit and off you go.  You will easily look the best of all your buddies at the Monday morning open water swim club. Remember to use “MattC10” for 10% off all Kiwami purchases.

I will leave you all with possibly the biggest secret of them all.  A secret training tip that will make you faster, stronger and go longer.  It’s a secret that “they” don’t want you to know.  This secret can be summed up in two words: BEET JUICE

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    • Yeah and if you use “MattC10” you can get 10% extra off 🙂

      I think in design they are similar but based on my experience with the Kiwami material there is just nothing better in terms of repelling water. Plus I like having the draw string on the suit so you can zip up yourself if you need to.


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