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A Post in Pictures

Just before I left Portland and headed back East I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday with my brother, his family and his good buddy Skippy.  Skippy is an amazing photographer and he offered to snap a few photos off of me on my bike as a birthday present.  One of the best birthday presents a guy can get in my opinion 🙂  It is a bit rare in this sport to get a good photo taken and usually when one is taken during a race you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to actually have a good copy of it.  So I wanted to take the time to really thank Aaron Barna (aka Skippy) for doing this.  I really appreciate it and think that these photos are awesome!  You can check out his portfolio’s at his website –>  Aaron Barna Photogrpahy

Zoom Zoom
Facing and Uphill Battle
“Turbeau” Powered

Practicing my Tour de France Victory Celebration

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