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Tour de Boston 2020

Good Morning to all Bostonians and New Englander’s!

The idea here is to get people outside and enjoying our beautiful part of the Northeast on two wheels. This challenge for one and all to COMPLETE, NOT to race. The prize is the same for the slowest or the fastest person out there. I know there will be people who will want the fastest times BUT I BEG YOU, please be safe! Remember, avoiding anything that could take away from the care of someone in greater need at this time has never been more important.

Yes, we could all stay inside and ride our trainers and say RIDE ON to each other and I do that pretty much every day. In fact I’ve not ridden outside in about 3 weeks. However, Spring is coming and a little fresh air might be just what everyone needs right about now.

So while we are all not racing on the road, gravel, dirt or otherwise let’s all enjoy what the Greater Boston Area has to offer. Again, please be safe and DO NOT RIDE IN GROUPS! DO NOT RIDE IN GROUPS! If your strava file shows you with a bunch of people or you are seen with a bunch of people you will be publicly berated by our group. Just don’t do it people. 

The overall structure is simple. Every week by Friday evening at 9pm a new segment will be chosen (the exception being this first week). You will have until the following week to ride that segment and have it logged on Strava. You can choose any route you want to get to the segment, you simply have to have that segment show up as completed on that ride and have joined the Tour de Boston 2020 Strava Club. Best practice is to respond to the weekly post with a link to your ride!

Should you want to officially participate in the Inaugural Tour de Boston 2020 you must comply with the following rules:

  1. All rides are to be done SOLO. That means ALONE. The only possible way I can even rationalize a person riding with another is if that person physically lives in your household and you have been residing with them during the whole of the Quarantine. Let’s not go down a rabbit hole folks, ride outside solo. NO GROUP RIDES! Bring food and drink, a flat kit, your phone and some money. We can do this people.
  2. In order to be eligible for the limited edition “I finished the Tour de Boston 2020” sticker you much join this Strava Group –>  Strava Club – Tour de Boston
  3. All rides must be logged on Strava for verification purposes. You will need to be able to see yourself on the leaderboard for the SEGMENT which has been chosen for that week. This is the only feasible way that we can track this stuff. Sorry guys, I have a real job and a young kiddo at home. I don’t want to spend hours trying to accumulate data from you all.
  4. That’s really it. Be safe, enjoy some fresh air and maybe you will ride a road that you’ve never been on.

To kick off the TOUR DE BOSTON 2020…..

The first segment is none other than the Boston Classic: DOVER TIME TIRAL (OFFICIAL)

dover tt map


Have fun on the bike, be safe and please don’t make me regret coming up with this.




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  1. Matt, this is awesome, thank you! Would it be possible to have the segments posted Friday in case we want to chase them down Saturday morning?

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    • I think we could all use a little something to rally around and be excited to do. Even alone. And best part is we’ll have a good little crew to all do a final ride with together when this things had finally passed!


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