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TdB2020: Week 2 (Metro Roubaix)

Welcome to Week 2 or Stage 2 as some people are calling it of Tour de Boston 2020. After the tremendous response to Week 1’s challenge we worked hard to put together something truly unique to our area, fun and attainable for all. At the end of the day the answer was right in front of our eyes.

Therefore, Week 2 of TdB will hence be known as the Metro Roubaix in homage to the Spring Classic that was supposed to be raced this Sunday. So pump up your tires (or let some air out), pack a couple bottles and get riding.

Week 2 Technical Guide:

  • All previous rules from Week 1 remain and in addition PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING!
  • All 3 of the below Roubaix Sectors MUST be completed between 4/11/20 – 4/17/20. You can do them any day you want and in any order. However, in the spirit of Paris Roubaix we have created two Strava Routes that hit all three sectors so as to highlight some of the Classic style terrain we all know and love. (Maps and Links Below)
  • In order to qualify for Week 2 completion, you must have your name show up on the Strava Segment Leaderboards that have been identified in this post. Please remember to check the leaderboard after your rides to ensure this has occurred.
  • All segments are completely rideable on a road bike. There is no need for a special bike to get your through, its not that gnarly. There is dirt and maybe just a touch of gravel. So as always keep your head up and look where you are going…And bring everything you need to fix a flat.
  • No Group riding. None, zero, zilch!
  • Remember, this is ABSOLUTELY NOT a timed event. This is about experiencing the outdoors and maybe riding some roads (and dirt) you’ve never been on before. Take your time and enjoy it!
  • Lastly, as we did in Week 1 there will be certain extra credits through the week. I will post these little hidden treasure hunts to my Twitter and Instagram accounts. So keep your eye out as you might score something cool!

1. BROADMOOR ROUBAIX SECTOR: The segments name says it all. This is as Roubaix as it gets around here. One of the gnarliest roads we have around that somehow has avoided public works for years on end. A tribute to the brutal cobble sectors of Paris Roubaix


broadmoor roubaix

2.CLAYBROOK RD SECTOR: A road that needs no introduction. We selected this as tribute to the connector roads that link together the numerous cobble sectors of Roubaix. Just be sure to slow down before you hit Centre Street! No Marshalls on the open course.


claybrook rd

3.WELLS AVE VELODROME: The cherry on top. Roubaix’s Velodrome is where it all goes down. We could think of no better way to end our Week 2 Roubaix than with a lap around the most iconic crit course around. In true Roubaix style try to hit this segment last and soak in the vibes as you take your victory lap. You only need to complete the segment below on Wells Ave…but no one is going to stop you if you want to spin a couple more 😉


wells ave velodrome

Suggested Strava Routes (Both Routes include the 3 required Segments)

TdB2020 – Roubaix (Full) 42 miles


TdB2020 – Roubaix (Light) 27 miles

tdb roubaix light 1.0

Have fun with this, be safe and respect the rules of the road along with the measures we have in place to mitigate the spread of COVID.

-Matt Curbeau




6 thoughts on “TdB2020: Week 2 (Metro Roubaix) Leave a comment

  1. Gonna do some routes for us northerners here? We got the Harvard course, CBTT, and probably a few more I don’t know the official names of.


    • You bet! We’ve go a bit of time ahead of us I think, so trying to spread the love and showcase some classic group and club stuff. I will give one hint and say next week will definitely be north of the Pike.


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