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Tour de Boston 2020: Week 4 (CBTT)

With the weather looking amazing tomorrow (Saturday) and less than optimal for the rest of the week ahead I wanted to get this weeks TdB challenge out to you all a little earlier so you can plan ahead!


The Tour de Boston 2020 will stay North of the Pike this week and head to the regionally famous loop that is the known around here simply as the CBTT. The Charlie Baker Time Trial is synonymous with New England cycling and we would be remiss if it was not included in the TdB.


While the name implies a Time Trial, I remind you all that this is not a time based competition. This is a collective celebration of all the cool things cycling related that our little chunk of New England has to offer. We have a rich history of cycling (clink that link to see cool book about the history) dating back to the days of Major Taylor. So lets enjoy these places that are special to the many clubs and individual riders who have ridden them over the years….plus we think we know some pretty cool “other” segments that might have been overlooked and we’ll share those too! (ie Roubaix Stage)


Getting on with it. The rules from previous weeks apply unless superseded.

  1. In order to complete this weeks Challenge the rider must complete the Strava segment that is listed below and their ride must appear on the leader board under the Tour De Boston Club. There is only one segment this week, but please feel free to ride as long or short as you please! (4/25 – 5/1/20)
  2. Those that have completed stages 1-3 will again need to complete stage 4 in order to continue on their path towards attaining the super special prize that awaits our full Tour de Boston 2020 Finishers.
  3. Have fun, be safe, don’t take risks, pack a spare kit, have enough to eat and drink…and generally just be good humans out there. We want to continue to lead by example on how to enjoy outdoor exercise during this time of Social Distancing we are living through. Going backwards would only be ruining everything everyone has sacrificed so far! (RANT OVER, have fun!)

Strava Segment:







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