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TdB2020: Week 5 – TNW!!

If you’re a Boston cyclist you probably know what TNW stands for. If you don’t well then you are in for a treat. Tuesday Night Worlds is a time honored tradition that goes off most every Tuesday during the warm months at sometime between 5:30-6:05 depending on daylight/weather and/or the tardiness of a member that we know is coming but who is not there on time for the normal 6 o’clock roll. You’ve all been there, you know what I mean.

This week with the weather continuing its upward swing, we will roll along the roads that have likely been traversed by many. However, without group rides it might be fun to get back on the loops for a stab at normalcy. I am purposefully releasing this on Sunday evening so that you all can accomplish this weeks segments on your own time, without creating more log jams of cyclists in and around the Dover/Metro/Downtown Boston area. A LOT of people are out and about, whether it be cyclists, hikers, runners, dog walkers…you name it. So maybe think about getting out on an off hour when traffic (both people and cars) might be less…I’ll get off my soap box now. Just be safe, be careful and be responsible.

So here is what you came for, Week 5. Other than the previous rules, the only new one is that the 2 segments below will be the qualifiers for Week 5. We have some cool stuff coming in the next couple of weeks, so I’d stay on top of checking the boxes!

Segment 1: Col de Glen St.

This is NOT the full Glen St. segment you might normally know of. This is the TdB2020 version. This starts WELL after the left hand turn (so take it slowly, watch for cars and be cognizant of your surroundings). It finishes when you peak out at the top. It DOES NOT continue on the flat at the top NOR does it continue to the downhill STOP sign that intersects with Farm St. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU, stop at the stop sign at the end of Glen. It is a right hand turn that has a lot of traffic coming from your left. It is NOT WORTH IT to try and roll through it. Trust me. Be smart.


Segment 2: Strawberry Hill – Dover

For most, this one needs no introduction. A staple for many riders, it is covered on numerous rides like the CRW/545 weekday morning rips or the world renowned Apex Velo Pain Train. Its a great addition to any ride and I think a spectacular addition to the TNW loop which does not utilize this hill. As with Glen St. I urge extreme caution when entering this segment. If you take it too hot, the off camber right hand turn bite hard and put you in danger of going into the opposite lane of traffic coming down Strawberry Hill, or put you into the ditch. Neither are advisable. Please make a safe right hand turn onto Strawberry. You can then feel free to ride as hard as makes you feel happy to the top. IMPORTANT NOTE: upon reaching the end of the segment you can continue the suggest route down Wilsondale. PLEASE descend this road with extreme caution. It’s a beautiful road that reminds me of somewhere far away from the City, but it has dangerous curves and undulating terrain that can make it tough to see all traffic that could be coming the other direction. So, take it slow and enjoy the ride!!

TdB_Strawberry Hill

Suggested Route: TNW w/ Strawberry on Top

This is a slightly modified route which chops off the Greendale/South Street beginning and end. By all means do it if it works for you, but in case you’re looking to come in from a direction other than the city, this might be a nice route that gives you a good view of everything and hits the segments for the Week.



That’s it for now. Keep your eyes out for the Velocio Gift Card Raffle taking place this week. We just about have all the information compiled and want to ensure everyone eligible is in the running. Velocio TdB 15% off discount Link!

Thank you all for taking part in this grass routes initiative. It is fantastic to see the community band together. Hope you all enjoy the week ahead.

-Matt Curbeau



4 thoughts on “TdB2020: Week 5 – TNW!! Leave a comment

  1. “I am purposefully releasing this on Sunday evening so that you all can accomplish this weeks segments on your own time, without creating more log jams of cyclists in and around the Dover/Metro/Downtown Boston area.”

    So many questions! [grin]
    – Does Stage 5 still end Friday night, or Sunday night?
    – Will future stages be released on Friday nights or Sunday nights?
    – Will future stages end on Friday nights or Sunday nights?

    For those of using coming from a bit farther afield, having the option of the weekend is a plus. All of that said, thanks SO much for doing this–it continues to be FANTASTIC!


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