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TdB2020: Week 7 – The Northern Apex

To all you rock stars that are still with us, be glad. The next two weeks will be worth it, I promise! They will also be the final 2 weeks of this years Tour de Boston. So buckle up and enjoy the ride as we finally enter into the real Spring season.

This weeks stage has a special surprise for you all. Our good friends over at Apex Velo have thrown their hat in the ring and have put a couple of jerseys on the line. 1 male and 1 female will take home one of these beautiful jerseys.


How do I get a chance to win? As in the Week 3 Velocio giveaway, there will be a couple requirements you must complete.

  1. A selfie of you must be taken at the top of Pine Hill (This weeks “Segment”). 
  2. The selfie must be posted to your Instagram Account as a stand alone post (not in your stories). And must include BOTH of the following tags: #tourdeboston2020 & @apexvelo (THESE ARE A MUST, so that we can properly put everyone who completes in the raffle).
  3. Rider MUST be wearing their face mask, be it buff or otherwise. Do your part people. No protective garb for the face = No entry into the raffle. (You can pull it down for the picture to show your beautiful face, but it must be on your person in the photo, no exceptions).
  4. If your strava file shows you did this in a group, you will be disqualified from the raffle. If you live with the person that’s on your ride, that’s cool. But lets keep this as we have been doing from the start and continue to be leaders in safely exercising while socially distancing.
  5. Yes, I’m doing the raffle via my awesome excel spreadsheet on Facebook like!!

Ok, so those are the rules if you would like an entry into this weeks Apex Velo Jersey Sweepstakes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you happen to come upon the top of the Pine Hill with others taking their photo or otherwise, PLEASE practice social distancing and allow them to have their time. There is plenty of space at the top to spread out. This hill is pretty darn steep so be aware of your surroundings when descending. There could very well be others coming up at the same time. Be patient and kind. It is not a race. If someone coming down makes your ascent not ideal. Just go back down, rest and go again…at the root this is about making the journey to the top…and snagging the photo if you want to be in the raffle. Hopefully with the Sunday night release there is plenty of time for all to enjoy on their own, at their own pace.

The Nitty Gritty:

Here are the important route details. Included is a suggested route courtesy of Apex Velo, with a little tinkering from yours truly. The route is not mandatory for completion of this weeks Stage. Simply completing Pine Hill will trigger that. However, this is a pretty sweet route that might put even the seasoned cyclists on a couple roads they haven’t been on…or at least in a different order. Enjoy the full route if you have the time, but if you’re short on that please see the image below that has the shortcut which chops off a good chunk of the return trip. Its a cool shortcut…trust me!

TdB2020: Stage 7 – Suggested Route

full stage 7

Pine Hill Segment (Stage 7 Qualifier)


Please Look at and read! You will make the first Right Hand turn after the Concord town line sign. The turn is just past the sign. It is BEFORE you get to the Walden Gift Shop. If you have gone past that, you’ve gone to far. Please see the below pictures as they are visuals of the town line sign as well as what the entrance to Pine Hill looks like. It is a gated road. You will cautiously and carefully go around the gate posts, make your way through the gravel section and enter the “segment”. From there, have at it!

Segment Notes

The entrance is AFTER the Concord Sign and BEFORE the 35mph sign…there is a little dirt road with gates and a chain across to prevent vehicle traffic. That’s where want to go!
This is what you want to see when entering. Go around the rocks, and enter.
I think this is as good a photo op spot as any. Find the sticker and you know you’ve made it!
A few goodies have been stashed under the out of place rock by the pole…be one of the first and you can snag one. Please only take one per person! #ride4claire


The Shortcut. If you need to boogie home just cut through to Draper Road and it will get you back much quicker.



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