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TdB2020: Week 8 – The Grand Finale

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone. This is one of my favorite times of the year, but I am partial as my birthday falls around this Holiday every year…so take that for what it is worth.

I have some exciting news about the final week for TdB2020! As many of you might already know, I have worked for NormaTec, the makers of “those boots” for the past few years. We were recently acquired by Hyperice, which is the maker of “that massage gun” among many other great self care tools. Therefore, it is my pleasure to announce that the grand prize to be raffled off to those who complete Week 8 of the Tour de Boston 2020 X Hyperice Challenge will be a brand spanking new Hypervolt!

Check out the latest ad spot from Hyperice, debuted during “The Match” with Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Phil Mickelson.

How to be entered into the challenge?

  1. Be a member of the TdB2020 Strava Club (If you are still reading these posts 8 weeks in, it’s a good bet you are!)
  2. Complete 200 miles of riding between Monday May 25th and Sunday May 31st). Tracking of this will be taken from the Strava Group Leaderboard on Sunday evening. (Miles can either be Outdoor Miles or Zwift Indoor Miles. I am mandating Zwift in order to accurately capture everyones effort. No wiggle room there. And if you do it all with outdoor miles, then you’re a hardo and I love ya)
  3. In order to safeguard riders completions, once you have achieved 200 miles for this challenge, please post to the Week 8 Strava Posting that you have completed the “TdB2020 Hyperice Challenge”. This will help me should any issues with leaderboard arise
  4. **Please Note: To be entered into the Hyperice Raffle you MUST have completed at least one prior Tour de Boston 2020 Stage (1 through 7).**
  5. Lastly, I urge you all to continue to be leaders in outdoor exercise at this time. I have been very proud that our group has shown a dedication to taking this time very seriously. With the Holiday Weekend in full swing a lot of people are chomping at the bit to be outside and with friends again. Please follow our state guidelines, be safe, think of others and simply enjoy riding a bicycle. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that this area which is so close to a major US city has some really beautiful areas to ride a bike nearby. So let’s have a good time and maybe win yourself a sweet piece of gear from Hyperice.

Segements? Routes? What do we do Matt?

As I said, this is the simplest of all the weeks. You just need to get on your bike and pedal 200 miles. However, I am putting up a suggested route which happens to be one of my favorite loops at the moment. Yes, its out towards where I live and yes that is not directly near Boston. I apologize for those who may live farther away, but its really a fantastic loop and I’d feel bad if I didn’t share this one with you all. My guess is some of you have been on a few of these roads, or come close to some of them…but never quite put it together in this fashion. So, if you can get on the route its a nice treat. I will be placing some more hidden sticker prizes both on this route as well as some other locations that you will be able to find via my instagram and twitter accounts via the hashtag #tourdeboston2020. I really dig it when I see a post with a #ride4claire sticker in it…you have no idea how much that means to me!

The Route – Millis-Whitehall Puncheur Using Ride With GPS as well in case some of you are not able to utilize Strava Routes based on last weeks change in accounts by them.


Week 8 Suggested Route

An absolute gem of a loop West of the city that has some really scenic and rolling roads. Passing through neighborhoods, farmlands and even a state park. Be sure when riding through Holliston State Park you ride safely, its a sweet little road through but depending on Holiday traffic it could be busy. You can access this route from various directions. Coming from the city it’s easiest to head through Wellesley or Natick area to 27 in Sherborn. From the North you will want to head South through Natick on 27 and link to 115 and from the South you want to also head towards Medfield on 27. Basically find route 27 look for its intersection with 115 and that will drop you off at the starting point. If you have any questions on how to modify to suit your riding just drop me a note! Happy to help.

Have fun everyone. More to come throughout the week as we wrap this thing up. So stay tuned!

-Matt Curbeau




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