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The Next Chapter – Part I

I’ve changed in a lot of ways over past 3-4 years.  If you asked someone I went to high school with or who I started college with they would probably laugh if you told them what I was doing now.  I wasn’t some American badass, but just a typical teenager/young college kid who lacked a real direction and a real “FOCUS”.  Well over the past two years in particular I have gained my focus.  I have directed this focus primarily on Triathlon.  The sport of triathlon has been extremely fun and rewarding for me.  The simple fact is that their are so many races and various distances that everyone can enjoy them.  I stand by that statement too..with the disclaimer that you need to be motivated to get yourself prepared.  Triathlon is not just a one day race.  If you really want to reach your potential it becomes a way of life.  You eat different, you act different, you go to bed earlier, etc etc..Well along those lines I must say I am a different person than I was a few years ago.  In just the past year my knowledge of the sport of triathlon has grown exponentially.  I can honestly look back at many of the things I thought and did when I started in 2009 and simply laugh and how horrendous they were.  My focus on triathlon has also brought about other changes in the way I think.  Whether its the lifestyle that I have created because of it or otherwise…the fact of the matter is that I have come to a metaphoric “fork in the road” in my life, and like Yogi Berra said, “when you come to a fork in the road, you take it!”  And that’s just it, I am taking the fork in the road and making a change.   In November I am going to be packing up and heading to Portland, Oregon where my brother and his family live.  They have been gracious enough to offer me a place to live and are the sole reason why my decision to move to Portland is possible.  Without them this move would probably not happen, and for that I am extremely grateful.

In the mean time I am trying to sublet my apartment and will be moving back home on Keuka Lake for a couple months.  Here are a couple pictures from my basement setup back home.  My dad mounted a tv in the basement which makes for a perfect spot to ride my bike.  This man cave comes complete with a lake view, huge refrigerator for all the cool drinks and eats I need, as well as an industrial water cooler to keep me well hydrated.  This place will see some serious usuage during the build towards Ironman Florida this November.

But before IMFL I have lots to do.  I have an apartment to sublet, work to be done at the office, work to be done on my swim bike and run, the Syracuse 70.3, and countless other things.  I have been a bit overwhelmed the last few weeks while I was preparing for Timberman and selling off all my apartment stuff so I could make the move possible.  I am finally settling back into somewhat of a routine.  The only downside at the moment is that in my haste to get my aparment cleaned out because I had someone who was “supposed” to move in last week I sold my nice bed and essentially everything else.  So gone is the bed, and the utensils, and just about everything else.  I know have a twin size air mattress and a fan next to two filing cabinets….and that’s it folks.  Their is definitely something liberating about simple living and I honestly like it, but I would prefer a bigger bed..but it really isn’t to bad.  I know get all my utensils, plates, etc from Wegmans when I go shopping.  It’s much easier on the dish washing end for me now 🙂



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