After discussion with my consultant Don E.,  the new motto for 2011 is “Shut the f&*$ up and do your job”.  No whining or complaining about work, lack of sleep, this workout hurts…whatever…make it work! 

So to all you out there make sure I don’t whine and complain this year, if I do you have full authority to slap me aross the face. 

And one more thing, I think everyone deserves a few pretzel M&M’s once in a while…you know to keep it real and keep things in perspective. 



It’s that simple.  DO YOUR JOB!

That is all for now, have a beautiful day everyone.


PS – Many thanks to Kim Ammon for hooking me up with some new race gear.

What I’ve been up to.

What’s been going on?

Things: is awesome!

The Hunger Games Trilogy Rocks, I literally can’t put the gosh darn book down.

The Falkee Tri 2011 athletes have been selected.  Check out the website to see athlete profiles, including Turbeau’s! FalkeeTri 2011

I am a bit bummed I can’t race in a local 10K this weekend because I have to work.

I am on a recovery week which is nice.  I’m able to get a little more sleep and read more of the Hunger Games books.  I also plan on taking some of my dress shirts to the cleaner to get them dry cleaned and pressed, however I’ve yet to accomplish this yet…but I really need to.

I had some really good training sessions last weekend.  Did a long run on the treadmill on Saturday which was tougher mentally than physically and then on Sunday my buddy Don and I hammered out 3:40 on the bike at his place and I followed that up with a transition run for 30 minutes.  The 30 minute run went something like this…Minute 1-5, wtf! come on heart rate get up into the zone I’m working hard here, minute 5-15…ok its getting better but I’m still working more than I’d like…minutes 15-30, Holy hell my legs have opened up and I feel as fresh as ever.  I have never felt that good during a run after a longer/hardish bike ride, it was great!!  Then a bunch of the people who Mary coaches came over to Don’s and we had a little baby shower for one of the women on the team, Kim Hase.  Kim has made a couple appearances in my past this one –>

That’s it for now, I will check back in with more later if I have some time!

What do you want to see Turbeau do?

I have an idea for all you people who check up on my blog.  In the comments section please submit all ideas for what you would like to see me do.  I will video tape myself doing something that one of you suggests if I deem that tasks to be suitable.  Please no filth or anything that could actually put me in prison.  It can be triathlon related, or it can be something else.  Start putting up some ideas and lets see what we can come up with!

Ex: Me doing a backwards dive into a backstroke.

Me riding my bike.  Me eating breakfast.  Me driving my car.  Me drinking coffee, eating snow (not yellow).

Let’s get creative people!

yada yada yada…

The weeks seems to roll along very fast this time of year.  In the heat of the moment the longer hours at work seem to drag but then before you know it the week is over and its Sunday again!  Of late the weeks have been going by pretty quick for me since my training hours are starting to ramp up a bit with some longer bike rides over 3 hours happening on a regular basis on the weekends.  Luckily my buddy Don has allowed me to pretty much move in every Saturday and Sunday. Being able to get my rides in at Don’s is a real godsent since its a heck of a lot better to ride in his basement next to another human being with a big screen in front of us then sweating it out along in my stinky apartment. Plus, he lives out in beautiful Mendon Ponds (which if you are not from Rochester is a very large and beautiful park that has plenty of trails, and roads to run on…and deer to look at, its really a beautiful sight on a Saturday or Sunday morning to run through the park and see all the cross country skiers or snow shoers out and abouts, something from catalogue is how I would describe it) so I can get my runs in right after my bikes without having to drive out of the city.  (I don’t much like running in the city, to much stop and go for traffic, plus I have the scenery just doesn’t compare to the park)

So the days are rolling by and so far so good in terms of heath, sleep, and stress.  Workouts are being completed, sleep is being attained, and fitness is being gained. 

I can’t think of to much else to say at the moment but I will let you all know that some sponsorship stuff is in the works and I will let everyone know about it soon! 

Well, its back to work for now along with a long overdue Dentist appointment at 1pm today.  I am pretty nervous about the appointment considering the amount of powergels, powerbar endurance and clif bloks I have consumed over the past 12 months, not to mention my daily coffee habit.  I can only imagine the scolding I am going to receive.

Food for thought

As humans we were not meant (built) to lead sedentary lifestyles.  We were created to be hunter/gatherer’s.  Over the past couple hundreds of years the lifestyle that we as humans lead has evolved quite significantly.  When you put it into perspective its quite astonishing actually.  Just 100 years ago we didn’t rely on automobiles, and just 200 years ago we were still using the winds as our primary power source.  (The tables have turned again haven’t they..were all looking for green ways to live, and how to harness natures power via wind turbines and electic powered cars etc..) Anyway, it took humans a very very very long time to evolve into the creature that lived in the Americas in 1776 when our great country was established.  Just think about how long ago the stone age was…when you think about all that has happened over the last approx 250 years its freaking crazy.  I just can’t believe that we as humans have changed that much.  We are people who used to walk..yes WALK across continents.

But the point I am really trying to make is this:  Are you doing enough with yourself?  Are you pushing your body to uncomfortable places?  If not maybe you should think about that.  Humans were made to be able to chase down packs of wild animals, not in one sudden burst or one swift attack..humans were instead created with an engine inside of them which allowed them to keep on the attack for hours if not days at a time.  We are genetically coded to outlast, outsmart, and endure longer than the rest.  Stop wasting your god given talent and start doing something that is epic…my bet is that you will be able to do it if you really give yourself a chance to.

The Foundation is Being Laid & Favorite/Least Favorite Workout

Q:What excites me?  What really gets me going?

A: Apple Sauce, a banana, some protein powder, a liter of water, and half a powerbar.  Oh yeah..don’t forget that cup of joe!

This is what fuels me on my big workout days.  I get excited the night before when I go to the grocery store to pick up a jug of natural apple sauce chunky style (yeah I know I’m weird).  When I am going to get the sauce I know that something special is in store.  For better or worse in ~12-20 hours I will have done something substantial!

So I had a great weekend these past two days.  2 days of riding in Don Ehinger’s Man Cave yielded me 4 hours in the saddle.  Since Don’s house is nicely located in the beautiful Mendon Ponds area of Rochester wonderful scenic runs are but a step away.  Today for instance Travis Earley joined me for my long run.  75 minutes of easy paced running was banked…it went swimmingly.

Now I am posted up at my local Starbucks messing around on my computer, creating training logs, writing triathlon stuff that I might talk about someday, etc…Something about the energy that comes from just being “among” people gets me going.  Instead of distracting me the noise around me allows me to focus on my task at hand.  Its just the comfort of those around me that allow me to let my thoughts flow.

Moving along I would like to address a question that my buddy Mike posed the other day.

Q: What is your favorite workout?  What is your least favorite workout?

A: Favorite Workout:

I will answer this in two parts.  High Intensity vs Endurance Work.

High Intensity:

In terms of High Intensity training my favorite workout by far is Mile Repeats.  (Between 4-6 x 1 mile with 90 seconds rest in between).  The feeling of going fast and a break neck pace is exhilarating.  After a track session of repeats I really feel spent, I feel as if I really accomplished something.  Completing repeats makes you really dig into yourself.  You might feel great for the first 3 but those last 1,2 or 3 will have you searching for something more in yourself.  On the opposite end of the spectrum I would have to say that my least favorite workout is the 20 minute TT on the bike for power data.  Going balls out on the bike is fun…but it just seems that during these TT sessions that I ended the pain cave as soon as I being..literally 5 seconds in my legs are screaming, and looking at the computer seeing that 19+ minutes are left is not a comforting image.  At least when completing the mile repeats the first couple of miles feel great, they feel as if your dancing on clouds, just skipping along the track chasing the time away.  The TT efforts are usually always done on the trainer for consistency so staring at a wall or some blah tv image is just not mental stimulating in my opinion.  So there you go, those are my favorite and least favorite high intensity workouts.

Low Intensity:

Without a doubt the “long ride” is my favorite.  I love heading out on my bike for 5+ hours.  The sense of accomplishment that is felt after a bike of that length where 100 miles of ground are covered is orgasmic.  I love counting the minutes until its time to take nutrition, every 30 minutes is “feeding time”, I like that.  Overall its just fun to “GO LONG” I’ve always loved being mentally stronger than the next person.  Heading out on a solo ride over 5 hours gives you ample time to think about EVERYTHING in your life.  You think about your job, your family, your worries, your accomplishments, and your think to yourself “damn, my legs hurt.  Will I make it another 4.5 hours”..then you put your head down and let the legs spin and the miles roll.  Even if you have a ride where you don’t hit your power goals or your mileage goals, the fact that your rode your bike over 5 hours is an accomplishment that most cannot say they have ever done.  And if your training for an Ironman these days become the norm..I think thats super cool!  Oh yeah, another reason why I enjoy the long ride so much is that because when you’ve attacked the ride the last hour is usually a battle.  It’s usually gone beyond mental, the fact is that you can mentally accomplish your goals now, all that stands in your way of being done for the day is keeping your body parts moving.  Your legs become like lead and the power that was in them 5 hours before is gone.  It’s then that you have to give it your all to get back home, and on those rare days when you dig deeper than you think you can and you end up hitting your power, time, or mileage goal you know that you’ve bettered yourself.  You’ve attained a new level of fitness…the next step has been taken.  What’s better than knowing that!

Least Favorite Low Intensity Workout

The 45-1 hr endurance paced run.  This is basically your Ironman marathon pace.  Its not glamorous, your friends can probably run faster (although they might be red-lining to do so).  Basically these runs are part of the job description.  These runs keep your moving on lower volume days or days when you’ve rode long and aren’t bricking a run back to back. The 45-1hr run seems like 2 hours, for some reason these runs just giving me a blah feeling.  I either feel like crap and it hurts for 45 minutes or else I run for an hour and wish I could keep running for another hour and a half.  I never seem to lock into a 1 hour run and come out the other side feeling like I conquered the world.  However these runs are what keep me moving toward the next fitness level, towards reaching my next plateau and for that I will keep shuffling along..always smiling even if I don’t really feel like it. …Which is rare because even a crappy run is better than an outstanding day at the desk..but thats just me…I’m weird 🙂

I’m out,


Do you remember your first?

Just a quick post for you all.  Hope it brings a smile to your face!

It makes me smile when I think about that morning in LP.  I am not sure how I found my mom in the mass of people surrounding Mirror Lake but somehow I did.  (And thankfully so since I needed to unload my iPod, shoes, and sweatshirt)

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